Our Christmas Eve…

Christmas was wonderful this year.
We are so thankful to have our little Mia home, and feeling better.
First we started with sugar cookies.

Mia and Mommy.

Mia going to town with her cookie cutters.

We just let her have her own cookie dough.

Which was good news, for Santa, since she chose to lay in the cookie dough.

Daddy posing for a picture.

Loving on Camye’s perfect little cookies.

Chloe decorating her cookies.

Isnt she beautiful?

Arent they splendid?

We started the day at my Mamaws in West Virginia.

Sorry these pictures are out of order.
This blog could be called the many faces of Pauly.

So pretty.

She knows she is about to open her Tom’s from her Mamaw and Papaw.

Sweet. Sweet. Camye.


Paul loving his Mamaw.

Oh and the grand gift of all.

Her precious table and chairs.

Her reaction and Paul’s reactions to Christmas this year were priceless.

She loved her table and chairs!!

Oh yes..I believe this was about the time she looked at me and said.

I am so happy, mommy.


Oh my the preciousness that oozes out of this girl.

Merry Christmas Eve.

Hold on for Christmas Day.

~Thanksgiving with my Family~

Thanksgiving was small this year, only 14 people. That’s small when you are used to well over 30 people crammed into my Mamaw’s house. This also meant less Aunt’s to do the dishes….so no more kid table and yes I did all the dishes. But that’s okay.

For some reason my pictures uploaded backwards, so we will start with Mia emptying the Oreo Truffle plate. She loves her sweets!!!

Giving Uncle Rob a kiss on the nose. Uncle Rob is my brother, he is single and doesn’t have any kiddos of his own. But let me tell you how much he loves my kids, WOWSERS…I mean he takes this uncle business serious!! He can not wait for little Miss Avah to come home too!!!

Chloe, Mia and my Papaw Buck, he joined us at my other Mamaw’s. My Mamaw Buck wasnt well enough to join us.:(

Here is the spread…and Camye, my hubby, my mom, my Mamaw and the side of my Papaw.

Notice Chloe and Blake’s expression on their faces…..like oh yes Uncle Rob does this all the time….

Mia thinking….lets get this show on the road!!!!

~Trick or Treat~

Happy Halloween!! Last night we went Trick or Treating over at our great friends house. We have trick or treated with these friends for 3 years now. They have 5 kids…we have 5…almost 6 kids….we play well together!:)
Mia, our butterfly, she wanted to be Snow White or any princess actually…but in the rain and the tempature being 40, I was feeling leggings, tights, and turtlenecks.

Blake my glow in the dark stick man…this costume is hard to appreciate in the light. But it was really cute….errr….handsome/manly.

Chloe, my superwoman….oh my…can she wear a costume! She looked gorgeous.

My little bumble bee….its hard to be 10 and pick the perfect costume that you are comfortable in. She was so nervous about finding a costume. She told me she just wanted to be comfortable and look normal. So we bought the tail and antennas and she chose the panda shirt. She looked adorable!

Paul….I mean Mario getting his mustache groomed by daddy!

Mario striking the …ever famous Mario pose.



Mario..a little high on his highly allergic Red dye…but Mario with his BFF Luigi.

The crew….before.

The crew after…I didnt take my camera outside because of the rain.

Mia and her pal Luigi….her face is already stained.

The haul.

And then the games begin….they come home and dump all the candy together. They sort it all into organized categories…then take turns choosing what they want. They have done since they were little. I love my little trick or treaters!

October Snow…

The weather man missed again…Imagine that! We werent supposed to get anything but rain but we woke up to 2 inches of very heavy and wet snow. And its only October!

I didnt post the pictures but it was so heavy it had our little weeping willow trees on the ground…hope we dont lose them. They just started growing…

Guess who loved the snow and wouldnt keep her hood on!!!

Blake loves to throw snowballs at me and I.despise.snowballs.

He is so adorable! He just made a very wet snowangel.

Camye and her mini snowman!

And my kids couldnt play in the snow with out finishing it up with snow ice cream, of course!

Hayride and Bonfire!!

Today was our annual church Bonfire/Hayride. This year it was at a new location…I wasnt sure I was able to return to the last location so soon, as I was tramatized last year over Blakes injury. THis place was BEAUtIFUL!!!!!!!! Above is Mia and her friend Sydney playing with the bread to feed the ducks….or just playing with it.

Our hayride!!!! 2 wagons fulls!!!

It was a bit of a rough ride…so Mia held on tightly to her big sister Chloe.

Bringing up the rear….

Mia being cute…imagine that.

Camye feeding a calf…I love cows …they are my favorite animal! I love their eyes!!

Mia and her cow! She loved feeding them!

Me and the love of my life!!:):)

Rainy and Cold outside!!!

It’s October! My most favorite time of the year!!!! It’s cold and rainy, everyone is snuggled in the house with no where to go.. I LOVE IT!!! I love the slowness of life around this time year. School kicks into high gear and life is great.
However, last week we recieved some fabulous news that I can’t share JUST YET! But we have been asked to make a video, write a letter and send pictures for something life changing in our lives. I am ABSOLUTLEY.ECSTATIC!!! I will announce as soon as it is official. So today we needed to shoot some pictures of our crazy little life’s….the kids eating mac n cheese for lunch.

Mia in her snow white costume….riding her little toy around the living room.

Yes she is that beauiful!! Oh be still my heart…we need another one. Don’t ya think??

Little Feet…

Yes my babies loving each other!!

Trip to Arkansas!!!!

A couple of weeks ago, we traveled to Arkansas. Mia’s first long trip in a car, our first long trip with our camper….THis is the creek in front of Grandma French Fry’s house..beautiful and calm. I will apologize ahead of time, the pictures werent that great. Thursday morning Blake woke up with a tempature of 102, Mia woke up the next morning with it..and the vomiting and all else that comes with the stomach flu…in a camper…without a bathroom …or running water….or towels…or extra blankets…or lysol….or a toilet..did I mention that??

All the kids were thrilled to see their Uncle Nathan and meet his new girlfriend Taylor, she was so nice and sweet. She meshed with the family perfectly.!:)

Paul and his cousin Austin spent the weekend catching fish, crawdads, snakes, lizards, worms…and what ever else crawled, squirmed, swam or moved…

Paul LOVES his many finds of differnet animals…ICK.

Also while on this trip the weather for the most part, was cold and rainy. On Saturday when everyone was okay feeling….the weather was beautiful. Thank you Lord!! However it was still cold, that did not stop my older 4 and my sister in laws older 3 from jumping right in for a cool Autumn swim;)

Daddy and Paul searching for little crawling treasures…..

Camye and Blake hugging for mommy…:)

Camye and Mia hugging on the rock bed of the creek, can I say we werent there 5 minutes and Mia sat right in the water and started picking up rocks and throwing them. She had a great weekend visiting with her cousin Amelia, who is only 5 months younger.:) And they are so cute together. I just didnt capture any pictures of it..when they were being cute together I am sure I was sterilizing something.

Mia and her daddy-appa!:)

Yes I am framing this!! GORGEOUS!!!

Chloe and daddy working on the fishing pole…:)
It was a great weekend. We did get to see some of our Arkansas family but we were busy with sick kids. We hope to go back next summer and spend more quality time with everyone.

Happy Birthday Grandma French Fry!!

Happy 90th birthday to a very special woman!!!! Grandma French Fry/Mcdonald!!!! All of her grandchildren and great grandchildren were able to travel to be with her!! This is a rare event as we all live in different states, with work and school, it doesnt happen very often!!!

I will blog on the details of this trip next, there arent many picture because the photographer (me), was a little busy cleaning up after sick children.BLEH!!!

Blake Turns 12!!!!

We have had busy busy days lately….between school, soccer, church, doctor appointments, meetings….but today we celebrated Blake’s birthday..his 12th birthday. Yes on Blake’s 2nd birthday, America was attacked by terrorists. Every year on Blake’s birthday, we also go over the events that happend on that day so that the kids will remember. I must say as we did that today, I still cry and cry when I see the terror that happened those days. To see those people running for safety and to hear those calls to loved from the airplanes that were crashing….to think that this happened to the best country in the world. It saddens me like nothing else ever had.

Okay back to Blake’s wonderful family birthday party! He wanted an Angry Bird cake..dont look closely…it was the best I could do. He loved it!! Blowing out his candles…looks like Paul is helping too!!!

Mia and Blake jokiing around playing around waiting for presents!!!

Blake soooo excited for his new engine for his Go Kart!!!

Blake is growing up so quick. He let Mia help him since he said it was okay…she could help!

Happy Happy!!!!!!

My 5 blessings!!!! I Love these kids so much!!!

Blake was so ecstatic about his birthday!!!!! He is such an awesome son.

Happy Birthday Blake! I love you more than I could say or show you!!!! You will always be my Blakester Boo Boo Bear!!!!

Picnicing the Summer Away

Church picnics, birthday picnics, friend picnics…what a great way to finish off the a fabulous summer!!! Blake in his creek boots..stopping to play around on the playground equipment. Camye and one of her best friends Heather. Cute as always…

My 2 littles…are sooo cute!!! I just love these babies!!!

Mia had no interest in the creek, but loved watching her Oppa catch all sorts of critters!

Yes she is so beautiful and so is the background!!