Parties and fun

Paul was invited to his first birthday party at Build A Bear Workshop. He had so much, I wish I would have taken him sooner!!

Paul and best bud Levi holding their police pets!!

Aww….just what I love snuggling with my babies!!!!

Just adding this photo for Mia’s foster parents… I love they check daily!!! Reminds me of how loved she was and still is!!!

Below is Mia holding the first doll I have bought for Avah. Mia keeps pulling this out of Avahs first gift ziploc bag saying oh Mia’s baby not Koreas( which is what she sometimes calls Avah). And then she carries around and loves on it. Daddy says that it is to cute and we need to buy Mia one. Mommy thinks Mia may need to learn to share before big sister gets here!!
Oh yes that is laundry in the background…don’t tell me you don’t have laundry setting around either!!

Oh yes and princess Mia is this cute!! If you read this in the next few days, please pray for little miss Mia. She has pneumonia and is recovering.

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~Mia Grace Heimee FINALLY~

Oh yes I did…I pushed and pushed for a December court date and I got it! I dont like having to behave like my paper pregnant hormonal self…but I am who I am.

Oh and yes I did dress us all in stripes…note to self..stop buying stripes.;)

Our first family photo, after Mia became an ‘offical’  family member!!

Judge Emery was so friendly and kind. She asked each of the kids to come up and bang her gavel. You know who was up first….he was all over that!

Next up Camye Renee….looking cute as ever!!

Oh yes and 12 years old is not to old…but 15 years old was…Kennith Blake had to give it a bang.

Little, sweet Mia Grace Heimee….all nervous and fingers in mouth…she even gave it a bang.

Some friends of ours were there to take some family photos afterwards…our courthouse is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Then out for ice cream…..:) Kimchi!!

And almost the entire family…we just need our little Avah home!!

What a journey this has been…such a great and blessed journey we are on our way back for another little ‘Seoul Sister’. This morning we given wonderful news that our homestudy was approved and we should have our notarized copies by Christmas. I highly recommend our homestudy agency in Greensburg, PA, Lutheran Service Society. They are wonderful!!

Bath Time….

Sorry I have been such a slacker on my blogging latley. Mia has been a sick little thing….from the stomach bug to a cold not on to a congested cough. She is doing some better!

She does love her bubble baths. A girl after my own heart!! She is doing wonderful and cant wait for Christmas. She loves Santa and Kissmas music.

All soaped up and ready for her swim..well she can swim in my tub..the rest of us not so much!:)


At the mall the other day, we were eating lunch at the mall. Mia was sitting so quietly. I didn’t realize she was painting her fingernails with a French fry and ketchup!!!

Cutest thing ever!!!

Looks pretty good to me!!!!

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~Christmas pictures or NOT~

My guess is NOT….Mia has been a very sick little girl with stomach flu which shot my plans for Christmas pictures on Monday…or Tuesday…or Wednesday…but this morning I thought I would give it a shot in front of our Christmas tree.

WARNING: I am NOT a great photograhper. I am NOT a great writer. I am not a great housekeeper. We live….LIVE and homeschool in our house 24/7.. My children are loved. And have a path to walk through…just kidding. And my kids ….each one of the 5…have to have a blanket near 5 feet it seems at all times….then drag it behind them at all times…;)

Okay…so here we go…..First up Paul…said I had to take his choice of picture first…so here are his choices.

And his favorite..trash pacs…why dont I think of these toys??? I would be so rich!

And Mia with her beloved coloring books…

She has to do everything her big brother does.;)

And we couldnt make it through the picture without Mia giving her brother a massage…a random massage????

Oh yes and the beloved pink bag..that made about every shot. I hope Kenny is ready to work on some editing when he gets home!!

Oh yes and FIT….this was Mia throwing a fit..I love Chloe’s face here. Oh yes and she is at it again.

Oh the beloved pink bag…

~Guess What Came In the Mail for Mia Grace~

Two days ago we got an email from our agency CHSFS that Mia’s foster mom had sent a gift for her. We were so excited and Mia was ECSTATIC!!!!

So when the mail came today…and there was a box for her. She started running around the house screaming Omma…Appa…present..!!!!

She dove right in….

Aw….a letter my favorite part. Our agency had translated it but we have the original. I was so excited for a letter!!! Be still my heart….I just feel such a connection with her foster mom. I know the same love she felt for Mia. It just kills me to think of her loss.

Her beloved Pororo cell phone!!! The one we bought her in Korea had broke…she was soooo happy!!!

Oh yes and Perdy socks….!!!!!! Her favorite Pororo character!!!

And Mia’s favorite part….the pictures of her beloved Omma and Appa….She was immediatly pointing out to us who was who…not that we didnt already know. I have to say that we were afraid Mia may forget her foster parents and not recognize them. NOT A CHANCE….I am amazed how many times a DAY…she will rattle something off about Omma and Appa in Korea. She is so smart!!

Oh how happy she was…..:):)


Thank you!!!!
Not sure how this translates but here goes:
당신의 사려 깊음에 대해 너무 감사합니다. 단어는 내가 미아 그레이스 에 대한 당신의 사랑을 위해 내가 얼마나 감사 설명할 수 없습니다. 그것은 그녀가 그래서 한국에서 사랑받는 것을 알고 훌륭합니다. 네가 쓴 편지는 정말 의미가 항상 소중히 것입니다. 당신이 우리가 배려되고 말 감사하지만 전 언제나 우리의 딸을 위해 당신의 사랑을 위해 충분한 감사하는 길밖이 없다 생각합니다. 우리는 지금 당신을 위해 무언가를 준비하고 있으며 곧 그것을 보내드립니다. 그것은 앞뒤로 선물을 얻으려면 약 6 주가 소요 보인다. 정말 감사!

~The Patch~

Mia had her 4 month check up today at the eye doctor. She cooperated very well. The doctor says her eyesight has improved, the openings of her eyes measured larger and the laziness seemed to be improving. However, there is still as large difference between the eyes, like a 4 line difference on an eye chart. So she will be patched for 2 months for 2 hours a day.

Her first day of being patched went extremely well, she loves it!! She keeps showing everyone and saying, “Look Mia is patched.” So.Cute.

~Thanksgiving with my Family~

Thanksgiving was small this year, only 14 people. That’s small when you are used to well over 30 people crammed into my Mamaw’s house. This also meant less Aunt’s to do the dishes….so no more kid table and yes I did all the dishes. But that’s okay.

For some reason my pictures uploaded backwards, so we will start with Mia emptying the Oreo Truffle plate. She loves her sweets!!!

Giving Uncle Rob a kiss on the nose. Uncle Rob is my brother, he is single and doesn’t have any kiddos of his own. But let me tell you how much he loves my kids, WOWSERS…I mean he takes this uncle business serious!! He can not wait for little Miss Avah to come home too!!!

Chloe, Mia and my Papaw Buck, he joined us at my other Mamaw’s. My Mamaw Buck wasnt well enough to join us.:(

Here is the spread…and Camye, my hubby, my mom, my Mamaw and the side of my Papaw.

Notice Chloe and Blake’s expression on their faces… oh yes Uncle Rob does this all the time….

Mia thinking….lets get this show on the road!!!!

~Silly Girl~

I had Mia dressed all cute in her new birthday outfit from Grandma and Grandpa. I took over 20 pictures and they were gone when I downloaded them onto my camera. Kenny had just came in and Mia said,”Daddy take Mia’s picture, he took 4 and they turned out perfect. Dont know what I was doing ??:)

Anyway her dress is soooo cute on her and fits her well. It was a 24 months. The sleeves were a little long but will definetly last through the winter! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!

Daddy giving Mia a little hug…hmmm is that some gray hair I see….;) I think it’s cute!


Aunt Kimberly, Uncle Tom, and cousins Alycia, Elizabeth, Austin and Amelia got Mia a cute tshirt that says CHOSEN for her birthday. Mia turned to the back to show me that it says, Deutronomy 14:2-2 For you are a holy people to the LORD your God, and the LORD has chosen you to be a people for His own possession out of all the peoples who are on the face of the earth. This adorable tshirt came from Great adoption website! And the shirt is so correct, she was chosen for our family by God.

Why are there over 147 or 250 million or however many orphans waiting? Why can’t Christians just take home 1… It is such a blessing. Not just the child blessing you get but oh how you see God. I know maybe some people arent meant to have children, but why not support a an adoption fundraiser…encourage a friend to adopt….advocate for waiting children. There are so many different ways to get involved.

When practicing pure and undefiled religion…I feel the prescence of the Lord in a way I have never felt before..he rocks me to my core.

Someone asked me the other day to tell them about this leap of faith I Took with Mia. I replied, ” give me a minute.” I didn’t know what to say…my leap of faith is nothing compared to others.

Two hours later I answered her…(changed slightly to protect the innocent)

Okay it’s been 2 hours. This question makes me cry. I am just going to bare my soul right here to you. When I saw Mia’s face….I knew… I knew..she was beautiful. My SW kept saying you don’t want a child like this. I kept saying yes I do! When I am given a file to review….I am looking at another human that deserves to be loved and have a family. A child that would sit at the foot of Jesus and be loved by Jesus. A child who may not be perfect in others eyes but perfect in mine. When My SW asked me if I would review ‘our next little ones’ file…I jumped at the chance. I got the file. And wowsers!! Some scary stuff…. But all I could hear in my head as I looked at her smiling face was…is that a reason not to adopt me? She can’t help these problems. God made her just like she was and then her birth mother had to say no. So she has sat and waited and waited…how many
people have said no? She sits and waits…and it kills me, I can’t say no. I didnt want to say no!!!! God pushed me to say yes. Will we have trials? Yes. But at the end of the day when she curls up in my arms..tired of doctors poking at her. She will snuggle in her mamas arms and know its forever.

How can my Jesus love and adopt me as his child? I am a special needs daughter..I Assure you…Jesus knows that. He will never turn his back on me. OR any orphan..he loves them all!

How many orphans are sitting and waiting?? There bright eyes looking at you saying …pick me..pick me!! Why?? We are on this earth for such a short time and as Christians we have one reach the lost. Why not start with the children? God knew. Jesus knew. We should know.

My friend that asked me this question about my leap of faith when choosing a waiting child, is deciding on a waiting child. A beautiful one….and guess what….she has the same name as my little girl.

Yes… That was a God wink…

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