Hayride and Bonfire!!

Today was our annual church Bonfire/Hayride. This year it was at a new location…I wasnt sure I was able to return to the last location so soon, as I was tramatized last year over Blakes injury. THis place was BEAUtIFUL!!!!!!!! Above is Mia and her friend Sydney playing with the bread to feed the ducks….or just playing with it.

Our hayride!!!! 2 wagons fulls!!!

It was a bit of a rough ride…so Mia held on tightly to her big sister Chloe.

Bringing up the rear….

Mia being cute…imagine that.

Camye feeding a calf…I love cows …they are my favorite animal! I love their eyes!!

Mia and her cow! She loved feeding them!

Me and the love of my life!!:):)

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