~Happy Birthday Sweet Mia Grace~

Today was a very special day. Mia Grace Heimee has turned 3 years old. My first thoughts this morning went to her birthmom who I know was thinking of her and wondering how she was doing. I only hope she goes in and checks her file and see how wonderful she is doing now in her forever family. Then my thought went to her foster mom, who gave her so much love in her first 31 months of life. It has made Mia the loving little girl she is today.

My mom came up for the occasion. Mia loves my mom. Mia’s favorite book is Pinkaliscious. She absolutley loves that book. Everytime we read that book to her she always says Mia’s Happy Day. So what does every little girl want….a Pinkaliscious birthday party!With Pink cupcakes…

Then onto the birthday party…:)

She waited until we sang the Happy Birthday song and she immediatly blew out her candles. She knew what she was doing. Then we all sang Happy Birthday in Korean, which just makes her eyes light right up when she hears Korean spoken.

Lesson learned…dont let your 3 year old princess open her high heels first! She then had to walk around the house for about 10 minutes showing off her fabulous heels. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

Mia is so funny…she opened up an outfit from my mom and dad and said, “Ohhhh…snuggly” and rubbed it up to her face.

She loved her little Asian doll. She is so snuggly with her baby dolls.

Butterfly wings!!! From Grandma and Grandpa!!

Kenny and I decided to get her some bilingual books and computer. She was so surprised to open up new Hangul books and Pororo books.

This is the computer we almost purchased in Korea for her but decided to wait. I ordered this and the books from http://www.littleseouls.com/. Very cute website!

Nice looking family.

Odd ..very odd.;)

Blake Turns 12!!!!

We have had busy busy days lately….between school, soccer, church, doctor appointments, meetings….but today we celebrated Blake’s birthday..his 12th birthday. Yes on Blake’s 2nd birthday, America was attacked by terrorists. Every year on Blake’s birthday, we also go over the events that happend on that day so that the kids will remember. I must say as we did that today, I still cry and cry when I see the terror that happened those days. To see those people running for safety and to hear those calls to loved from the airplanes that were crashing….to think that this happened to the best country in the world. It saddens me like nothing else ever had.

Okay back to Blake’s wonderful family birthday party! He wanted an Angry Bird cake..dont look closely…it was the best I could do. He loved it!! Blowing out his candles…looks like Paul is helping too!!!

Mia and Blake jokiing around playing around waiting for presents!!!

Blake soooo excited for his new engine for his Go Kart!!!

Blake is growing up so quick. He let Mia help him since he said it was okay…she could help!

Happy Happy!!!!!!

My 5 blessings!!!! I Love these kids so much!!!

Blake was so ecstatic about his birthday!!!!! He is such an awesome son.

Happy Birthday Blake! I love you more than I could say or show you!!!! You will always be my Blakester Boo Boo Bear!!!!

Happy Birthday to my little Pauly!!!

My little kindergarten graduation!!! I am so proud of my little guy. He is his dad’s little shadow…from the time he comes home from work until it is bedtime. He follows his dad around everywhere!!! He is so excited to be 6 years old. I cant believe how blessed we are with this incredible little boy.

Please say a little prayer for my little guy, he is having a little anxiety over the upcoming arrival of his new little sister. He is very anxious and doesnt want me to leave his side. He is rather nervous and is more emotional. I love you Paul!!!

And now my baby is 5!!!

And now my baby boy (cant read this yet- so I can still call him this on here!!!) turned 5 years old on May 26th!!!

He had a Burger King birthday party with several of his friends gathered around.

Below is a really gift box…yes that was a webkinz wrapped in an awesome pirate box!! Paul is crazy about Super Marios Yoshi…he wanted Yoshi everything for his birthday!! And Yoshis are hard to find.

However I did find the backpack, DS game organizer, DS case for his new DS and stuffed and plastic figure. He was thrilled.:)

Happy Birthday Camye!!!!!

I know I know..I have blogged 4 times today!! I just have several things to get done and didnt want to be distracted later by wanting to blog!!
Its true..my baby girl has turned 9 years old!!! I just cant believe it. She is growing up so fast!!! We have decided to have family birthday parties this year. And she decided to make her own cake!! The only thing she asked for for her birthday was a green striped sweater!! And well Mommy went out in 8 inches of snow and 10 degree weather to our OUTSIDE outlet mall and found it!!!! I couldnt let her down!!!

She is such a joy to us!! Very sensitive and sweet!! She did recieve all sorts of things, ballerina jewerly box, panda necklace, webkinz, zum, Beads, Lettering book…

Chloe decided to surprise on Saturday morning by decorating the cake for me. Being the control freak I am…I did spaz slightly (inside of course) but was very grateful for her thoughtfulness and wanting to decorate her sisters cake.

Happy Birthday Camye!! We love you!!

Blake turns 10!!!!!!!

My little boy turned 10 on Sept 11th!!! I just cant believe the great son that I have!! He is just a blessing to us. Blake’s actual birthday was an extremely BUSY day to say the least ( first day of co-op, his birthday party, soccer game, Lads to Leaders scrapbooking….which we missed because we were wiped out!!

Below is Chloe giving Blake some loving …which in front of his friends, he didnt respond well.:)

Blake with his “slingshot cake”….his dad made for him!:)

Blake and Caleb enjoying his new chair..

Blake and his friends…he had a great time!! Thanks!!!

Our baby girl is 13!!!

On Saturday, July 11th…Chloe turned 13!!! I can hardly believe it has been 13 years. I am so proud of her. I told her she could have a slumber party with all her friends or a fun family day. She chose the fun family day, we started it with pedicures for her, Camye, Gran and myself. Then we all went to dinner at the Olive Garden, followed by presents and her “requested” cookie cake and then to see the movie “Up”!! Which is really cute:)

Chloe has been wanting a sewing machine for sometime. I found this awesome computerized sewing machine and couldnt pass it up. She was surprised!! She left for camp on Sunday and I wanted to piece together a quilt for her this week. Well…my machine went into the shop so I had to try her machine. It is awesome!!! I like it almost as much as I like mine!!! Well maybe not that much…:):) But it works great!!!

I think Chloe is simply beautiful. I am so happy that God blessed us with her. She has given us such joy in her little 13 years of life. I couldnt be prouder of her.

Paul’s Birthday Party at Chuck E Cheese Part 2

Okay I wanted to add more pics..:):) For some reason I cant ever remember the order in which to add pictures to get the order I want. So these were supposed to be the other way around..that okay:)

Blake checking in for ticket drop off and token pick up..:)

Kids hanging out…This picture is funny to me because if Camye sees me with the camera…she stops and poses until I take the picture.>!!!
Girls being silly…

Blake forcing Paul to have his picture taken with Chuck E..for some reason Camye and Paul are scared of stuffed mice..big or small.???
Paul’s Scooby Dooby Doo cake..I let him pick his cake out:)

Paul’s Birthday at Chuck E Cheese

My baby has turned 4 ..he said at Chuck E Cheese he felt like a kid now instead of a baby. BUT my baby still crawled in bed with me last night at 2am…

Everyone had so much at Chuck E Cheese as I am sure you can see in the pics..:)
Here he is opening his presents from Grandma and Grandpa.

Always winking for the camera.:)

Daddy helping Paul ride the bike into the air..he LOVED that!:)
Paul with the only thing present he has asked for …A SWIMMING POOL!!!!
Enjoying his cake…:) A scooby doo cake..