Blake Turns 12!!!!

We have had busy busy days lately….between school, soccer, church, doctor appointments, meetings….but today we celebrated Blake’s birthday..his 12th birthday. Yes on Blake’s 2nd birthday, America was attacked by terrorists. Every year on Blake’s birthday, we also go over the events that happend on that day so that the kids will remember. I must say as we did that today, I still cry and cry when I see the terror that happened those days. To see those people running for safety and to hear those calls to loved from the airplanes that were crashing….to think that this happened to the best country in the world. It saddens me like nothing else ever had.

Okay back to Blake’s wonderful family birthday party! He wanted an Angry Bird cake..dont look closely…it was the best I could do. He loved it!! Blowing out his candles…looks like Paul is helping too!!!

Mia and Blake jokiing around playing around waiting for presents!!!

Blake soooo excited for his new engine for his Go Kart!!!

Blake is growing up so quick. He let Mia help him since he said it was okay…she could help!

Happy Happy!!!!!!

My 5 blessings!!!! I Love these kids so much!!!

Blake was so ecstatic about his birthday!!!!! He is such an awesome son.

Happy Birthday Blake! I love you more than I could say or show you!!!! You will always be my Blakester Boo Boo Bear!!!!

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