Our Christmas Eve…

Christmas was wonderful this year.
We are so thankful to have our little Mia home, and feeling better.
First we started with sugar cookies.

Mia and Mommy.

Mia going to town with her cookie cutters.

We just let her have her own cookie dough.

Which was good news, for Santa, since she chose to lay in the cookie dough.

Daddy posing for a picture.

Loving on Camye’s perfect little cookies.

Chloe decorating her cookies.

Isnt she beautiful?

Arent they splendid?

We started the day at my Mamaws in West Virginia.

Sorry these pictures are out of order.
This blog could be called the many faces of Pauly.

So pretty.

She knows she is about to open her Tom’s from her Mamaw and Papaw.

Sweet. Sweet. Camye.


Paul loving his Mamaw.

Oh and the grand gift of all.

Her precious table and chairs.

Her reaction and Paul’s reactions to Christmas this year were priceless.

She loved her table and chairs!!

Oh yes..I believe this was about the time she looked at me and said.

I am so happy, mommy.


Oh my the preciousness that oozes out of this girl.

Merry Christmas Eve.

Hold on for Christmas Day.