About Our Family

Hello!! My name is Wendi. I am a sinner…but a forgiven sinner. I love the Lord with all my heart and soul. I strive to live my life so that when I stand on judgement day and he may say well done child.

I am married to a phenonmal man Kenny. He is wonderful and treats me like a princess.

We have 11 children at home…

Chloe is 23…fun..gorgeous.graduating from college with her BA in May

Blake is 20…responsible…loving…runs his own successful business. You can find him on TikTok at blvke and on instagram at k.blake.rogers

Camye is 19..compassionate…beautiful.

Gina is 18. brilliant and sweet

Sage is 15….helpful and loving

Paul is 14….wild and precious…loves soccer

Avah is 12…sweet and loving

Mia is 11…sweet and cute.

Cade is 10 and ornery

Brynlee is 7 and amazing

Lilah is 4 and perfectly spoiled.


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