Rainy and Cold outside!!!

It’s October! My most favorite time of the year!!!! It’s cold and rainy, everyone is snuggled in the house with no where to go.. I LOVE IT!!! I love the slowness of life around this time year. School kicks into high gear and life is great.
However, last week we recieved some fabulous news that I can’t share JUST YET! But we have been asked to make a video, write a letter and send pictures for something life changing in our lives. I am ABSOLUTLEY.ECSTATIC!!! I will announce as soon as it is official. So today we needed to shoot some pictures of our crazy little life’s….the kids eating mac n cheese for lunch.

Mia in her snow white costume….riding her little toy around the living room.

Yes she is that beauiful!! Oh be still my heart…we need another one. Don’t ya think??

Little Feet…

Yes my babies loving each other!!

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