~Thanksgiving with my Family~

Thanksgiving was small this year, only 14 people. That’s small when you are used to well over 30 people crammed into my Mamaw’s house. This also meant less Aunt’s to do the dishes….so no more kid table and yes I did all the dishes. But that’s okay.

For some reason my pictures uploaded backwards, so we will start with Mia emptying the Oreo Truffle plate. She loves her sweets!!!

Giving Uncle Rob a kiss on the nose. Uncle Rob is my brother, he is single and doesn’t have any kiddos of his own. But let me tell you how much he loves my kids, WOWSERS…I mean he takes this uncle business serious!! He can not wait for little Miss Avah to come home too!!!

Chloe, Mia and my Papaw Buck, he joined us at my other Mamaw’s. My Mamaw Buck wasnt well enough to join us.:(

Here is the spread…and Camye, my hubby, my mom, my Mamaw and the side of my Papaw.

Notice Chloe and Blake’s expression on their faces…..like oh yes Uncle Rob does this all the time….

Mia thinking….lets get this show on the road!!!!

Thanksgiving Thursday!!

1. I am so thankful for the this little eye. It just steals my Seoul…;) (Okay I removed it..so if you saw her eye…it was up for only a short time. I wasnt sure if I wanted to share just yet.:) Sorry maybe next week or in the next few months I can share her videos. She is absolutley ADORABLE!!!!!

2. I love my co-op! We had our annual planning meeting this week and I am excited for next year. I am teaching Creation Science to 4th-5th graders and 7th-8th graders. I am also teaching Animal Science to K-1st grades!! We even arranged our classes to allow growth instead of having such a long waiting list. Now we can have even more..as if over 50 families isnt large enough.:)
3. I love picking out baby names again!!! Any ideas?
4. I am so thankful for starting a new bible study..studying the book of Jonah on Wednesday night.
5. I am so thankful for FAMILY!!!
6. I am thankful for Chloe having such awesome friends..even if they want to get together ALL THE TIME!! They are all such great friends!!!
7. I am thankful for my new friends that are on the same Korean timeline as I am.
8. I am thankful I have lost a total of 16 pounds this week. My goal is to not be the fatest person in Korea when I go over there…:):):)
9. I am thankful for Little Blessings Dressings Resale that I am volunteering at next week!
10. I am thankful the wonderful and blessed life that I live!!!!!

Monday Musings…

I feel like blogging some anxiety issues out…I am such a planner, organizer and a list maker. I have 3 calenders plus my blackberry that I keep everything planned out on.

I pretty much have my holiday baking, shopping, decorating and wrapping down to a fine art. This year things are different. We are celebrating Christmas with my parents, brothers, grandparents on Thanksgiving and we are leaving for Texas on the 18Th of December and will not return until the 3rd of January. We are going to celebrate Christmas and New Years with Kennys parents, sister and her 4 kiddos and his brother and his wife and little girl…

Soo….my plans are off. Decorating is out..and I have to say I am not THAT disappointed.

This year my grandparents and brother gave me ALL their money to shop for my family from them, because NONE of them shop. Sooooo…I have spent the last week shopping and mostly dropping since I had the worst cold of my lifetime!! But there went alot of my ideas as well.

So here are my plans:
Baking for Thanksgiving must be complete by Monday November 23rd.
Wrapping must be done by Monday November 23rd.
Everyone packed and down to my parents on Monday November 23rd.

Come home on Thanksgiving the 26th, head to the outlet mall at 10pm finish shopping there …head to Toys R Us by midnight to start shopping from “Santa”. My plans are outlet mall, Toys R Us, Walmart, Joann Fabrics, Kohls, and Target. And a lot of Starbucks in between. I would LOVE to finish all that shopping on Black Friday. I think if I stay organized and can function….shop all night and all the next day. I can finish it!!

After Thanksgiving goals:
Christmas Baking done by December 18th and frozen
Christmas Shopping done by December 1st
Wrapped by December 15th.
Van packed.
Texas bound!!

Not too bad….sorry if I totally bored you!!! I feel better now that I have blogged out my frustrations.

Thanksgiving Thursday

Busy Busy….wish I could just push a button and be rested. Sleeping takes too much time. I feel like my feet literally hit the floor in morning…in a full speed run. But I am loving it..

1. I am thankful for me and my hubby taking the time to go on a date tonight.:)
2. I am thankful for Wednesday night Bible study….Ezra, Nehamiah and Esther..have been much more interesting than I expected.
3. I am thankful I blogged 5 times today!!!!
4. I am thankful for high speed internet on my phone!!!!!
5. I am thankful for ebay….finding the odd and ends.
6. I am thankful for the short visit I was able to squeeze in on Saturday to visit my parents and grandparents.
7. I am thankful for cooler weather!!!!!
8. I am thankful for great friends.
9. I am thankful for our outlet mall’s awesome clearance!! Cant bea 1.99 specials!!!
10. I am thankful for Starbucks!!!

Thanksgiving Thursday!!!!!

1. I am thankful for the people who read my Thanksgiving Thursday who never corrected me by telling me that I was calling it, Thankful Thursday!!!!!LOL!! I just realized it, I think I have done it like 3-4 times!!! :):):) LOL!!!!!!

2. I am thankful Little Blessings Dressing Resale. It is twice a year and I volunteer so that I can shop a day earlier. I bought some really great things. The clothes were mostly for Camye and they are just what she needs.
3. I am thankful for my mother, who is such a wonderful person.
4. I am thankful for our outlet mall. The Gymboree outlet has the best $2.99 clearance, everytime I go in there!!!
5.  I am thankful for my collection of cookbooks. I love reading my cookbooks!!!
6. I am thankful for our new DVR, I can tape Jon and Kate plus 8 and 18 Kids and counting for the kids, because it is on after their bedtimes. They really enjoy those shows.
7.  I am thankful for water, my favortie drink.
8. I am thankful for my breadmaker.
9. I am thankful for other mothers, who plan activites for my kids to participate in. Carol for the science fair, Gayle- for the trip to the play yesterday, Stacey- for the Internation Fair, Robin- for our co-op..the list goes on and on…
10. I am thankful for books. I love them!!!!!!