Picnicing the Summer Away

Church picnics, birthday picnics, friend picnics…what a great way to finish off the a fabulous summer!!! Blake in his creek boots..stopping to play around on the playground equipment. Camye and one of her best friends Heather. Cute as always…

My 2 littles…are sooo cute!!! I just love these babies!!!

Mia had no interest in the creek, but loved watching her Oppa catch all sorts of critters!

Yes she is so beautiful and so is the background!!

Summer Fun With Friends

What a fun summer we have had!! It is over all too soon. School, soccer, dance and music lessons have begun.

Mia has a new friend, Ellianna. They are about 7 months apart in age. But they play so well together. Ellianna happens to be one of my best friends daughters, so they see each other quite well. These were taken at Ellianna’s older sister’s birthday party! Running around with a balloon:)

Camye and Mia….I love my girls!

All the girls at the party, big and little!!

Mia and Ellianna having a little girl swim while the older girls swam!!

Summer List to accomplish by August 30th

So I am a list maker…I thought if I put this all in writing I would be more apt to do it. Here goes…
1. Go camping check
2. 3 kids to Camp Concern
3. Me and 2 kids to Camp Appalachia
4. Pittsburgh Zoo
5. Lose 15 pounds
6. Can spaghetti sauce, tomatoe juice, pickles, corn
7. Get my white picket fence and landscape in front of it
8. Go to Mexico on a mission trip
9. Help girls finish 2 quilts before the fair
10. Clean and Sort Laundry Room/Gift Closet
11. Shampoo Carpets (again)
12. Go to Texas
13. Take kids to Sunset Beach
14. Finish my log cabin quilt
15. Print pictures
16. Get organized for school.
17. Buy a camper.
18. Sign girls up for voice lessons.
19. Kenny, Chloe and Blake for karate.
20. A getaway with my hubby for our 12 anniversary!!
21. Go to West Va in July and August
22. Freezer Cook by August 20
23. Start school August 16th.

And all of this by August 30th….it must all happen!! I need a better plan!!!