Trip to Arkansas!!!!

A couple of weeks ago, we traveled to Arkansas. Mia’s first long trip in a car, our first long trip with our camper….THis is the creek in front of Grandma French Fry’s house..beautiful and calm. I will apologize ahead of time, the pictures werent that great. Thursday morning Blake woke up with a tempature of 102, Mia woke up the next morning with it..and the vomiting and all else that comes with the stomach flu…in a camper…without a bathroom …or running water….or towels…or extra blankets…or lysol….or a toilet..did I mention that??

All the kids were thrilled to see their Uncle Nathan and meet his new girlfriend Taylor, she was so nice and sweet. She meshed with the family perfectly.!:)

Paul and his cousin Austin spent the weekend catching fish, crawdads, snakes, lizards, worms…and what ever else crawled, squirmed, swam or moved…

Paul LOVES his many finds of differnet animals…ICK.

Also while on this trip the weather for the most part, was cold and rainy. On Saturday when everyone was okay feeling….the weather was beautiful. Thank you Lord!! However it was still cold, that did not stop my older 4 and my sister in laws older 3 from jumping right in for a cool Autumn swim;)

Daddy and Paul searching for little crawling treasures…..

Camye and Blake hugging for mommy…:)

Camye and Mia hugging on the rock bed of the creek, can I say we werent there 5 minutes and Mia sat right in the water and started picking up rocks and throwing them. She had a great weekend visiting with her cousin Amelia, who is only 5 months younger.:) And they are so cute together. I just didnt capture any pictures of it..when they were being cute together I am sure I was sterilizing something.

Mia and her daddy-appa!:)

Yes I am framing this!! GORGEOUS!!!

Chloe and daddy working on the fishing pole…:)
It was a great weekend. We did get to see some of our Arkansas family but we were busy with sick kids. We hope to go back next summer and spend more quality time with everyone.

One thought on “Trip to Arkansas!!!!

  1. Looks like an awesome trip even with sickness! I miss living in a part of the country where creeks actually have water in them! When I was a kid we used to love to pick up critters out of the creek:)

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