Parties and fun

Paul was invited to his first birthday party at Build A Bear Workshop. He had so much, I wish I would have taken him sooner!!

Paul and best bud Levi holding their police pets!!

Aww….just what I love snuggling with my babies!!!!

Just adding this photo for Mia’s foster parents… I love they check daily!!! Reminds me of how loved she was and still is!!!

Below is Mia holding the first doll I have bought for Avah. Mia keeps pulling this out of Avahs first gift ziploc bag saying oh Mia’s baby not Koreas( which is what she sometimes calls Avah). And then she carries around and loves on it. Daddy says that it is to cute and we need to buy Mia one. Mommy thinks Mia may need to learn to share before big sister gets here!!
Oh yes that is laundry in the background…don’t tell me you don’t have laundry setting around either!!

Oh yes and princess Mia is this cute!! If you read this in the next few days, please pray for little miss Mia. She has pneumonia and is recovering.

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~Christmas pictures or NOT~

My guess is NOT….Mia has been a very sick little girl with stomach flu which shot my plans for Christmas pictures on Monday…or Tuesday…or Wednesday…but this morning I thought I would give it a shot in front of our Christmas tree.

WARNING: I am NOT a great photograhper. I am NOT a great writer. I am not a great housekeeper. We live….LIVE and homeschool in our house 24/7.. My children are loved. And have a path to walk through…just kidding. And my kids ….each one of the 5…have to have a blanket near 5 feet it seems at all times….then drag it behind them at all times…;)

Okay…so here we go…..First up Paul…said I had to take his choice of picture first…so here are his choices.

And his favorite..trash pacs…why dont I think of these toys??? I would be so rich!

And Mia with her beloved coloring books…

She has to do everything her big brother does.;)

And we couldnt make it through the picture without Mia giving her brother a massage…a random massage????

Oh yes and the beloved pink bag..that made about every shot. I hope Kenny is ready to work on some editing when he gets home!!

Oh yes and FIT….this was Mia throwing a fit..I love Chloe’s face here. Oh yes and she is at it again.

Oh the beloved pink bag…

~Thanksgiving with my Family~

Thanksgiving was small this year, only 14 people. That’s small when you are used to well over 30 people crammed into my Mamaw’s house. This also meant less Aunt’s to do the dishes….so no more kid table and yes I did all the dishes. But that’s okay.

For some reason my pictures uploaded backwards, so we will start with Mia emptying the Oreo Truffle plate. She loves her sweets!!!

Giving Uncle Rob a kiss on the nose. Uncle Rob is my brother, he is single and doesn’t have any kiddos of his own. But let me tell you how much he loves my kids, WOWSERS…I mean he takes this uncle business serious!! He can not wait for little Miss Avah to come home too!!!

Chloe, Mia and my Papaw Buck, he joined us at my other Mamaw’s. My Mamaw Buck wasnt well enough to join us.:(

Here is the spread…and Camye, my hubby, my mom, my Mamaw and the side of my Papaw.

Notice Chloe and Blake’s expression on their faces… oh yes Uncle Rob does this all the time….

Mia thinking….lets get this show on the road!!!!

October Snow…

The weather man missed again…Imagine that! We werent supposed to get anything but rain but we woke up to 2 inches of very heavy and wet snow. And its only October!

I didnt post the pictures but it was so heavy it had our little weeping willow trees on the ground…hope we dont lose them. They just started growing…

Guess who loved the snow and wouldnt keep her hood on!!!

Blake loves to throw snowballs at me and I.despise.snowballs.

He is so adorable! He just made a very wet snowangel.

Camye and her mini snowman!

And my kids couldnt play in the snow with out finishing it up with snow ice cream, of course!

Oreo Moon Phases~Homeschool Astronomy

I am teaching Paul’s 1st grade Astronomy class this year at co-op. We are having so much fun!! I love this age! They think I am so smart. We have fun doing all sorts of experiments each week.
This past week we made created the 8 moon phases out of Oreo cookies..just a note…double stuff works better. The kids loved and really understood the phases.

Of course Mia had to join in for a snack.

Paul had so much fun saving all the creme off his phases..he made a massive oreo to eat!! Glad I Have the 1st period!!!!
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Homeschool Co-op 2011-2012

I am teaching K-1 Astronomy class at co-op this year. I was expecting to have a rough start and few criers but no everyone was fine. We made alien hats made out of foil, half a milk jug and pipe cleaners for attennas. So cute! the kids loved them!! Chloe…10 grade.

Camye….5th grade.

Blake…7th grade.

Mia Grace…preschool.

Paul….1st grade.

I cant believe I have a 10 grader this year….time flies when you are having a good time. This is our 11th year of homeschooling. It has been the BEST decision of my life!!!

~Fun With Cousins~

My sister in law and kids came to visit last week. We had alot of fun! Having 9 kids has really made doing things without our hubby’s around a little harder but we manage!! They have just moved back from Okinawa, Japan and hadnt met Mia yet. We went to a fun festival at our co-op church host Calvary Baptist. Mia loved jumping on the bouncy!!! A few of the cousins out swinging on our swing in the yard…:) Austin, Amelia, Mia Grace, Elizabeth and Paul.

We went to a water park called Sunset Beach. THey had loads of fun on the water slides.

Mia went down the slide over and over again with her big sister Chloe. I tried it went time and Mia went flying in the air…struggling for her breath…yes I am probably the worst mom in the world. I only did it once.:( I felt terrible…I could barely catch my breath!!

Mia Grace and Amelia had lots of fun playing in the baby pool. I am betting Mia swam while she lived in Korea because she loves …I mean LOVES swimming in the pool or tub!!!

Matching tutus for 2 cuties!!!

~Paul’s Week~

Okay so I know I am way behind on blogging!!! I am sorry!!! Kids have been here and there going to camp and home. Company has come and went. Mia is potty training and having lots of appointements. School prep is happening. But we are still having some fun…While Chloe, Blake and Camye were away at camp, Paul invited his best friend Levi over and had a blast!! I let them have a shaving creme fight. I gave them each 2 bottles and told them to have had it. When they were done, I sprayed them off so it was easy clean up!:)
Mia watched from afar, being her little prissy self she was NOT getting shaving creme on her!:)

~Flight 93 Memorial~

After our fabulous camping trip, we decided to go over to the Flight 93 memorial, which was only about 30 minutes there. On the way there, Kenny asked me if I would like to tell the kids about what happened that morning. I immediately start crying. I cant even talk about it. I can not imagine how the families feel. I didn’t know anyone directly involved in any of it. I am still a basked case over that morning. I am ashamed to say this is our family standing in front of the temporary building for the memorial. We can spend millions of dollars on Casey Anthony, millions on a failed foster system, millions of dollars on gay rights and abortions. This happened almost 10 years ago. Why is this taking so long? Why is the 9/11 memorial not even have restrooms??????

Off my soapbox…this is the actual site. My friend Lori, was in Shanksville on 9/11. She heard the plane crash. She was there for her mothers funeral. After her mothers funeral, she took the flowers from the funeral and took the crash site and started the memorial site.

Cute pictures of our families, sad building behind them.!!

The boys thought they were talking to this Park Ranger…you know asking what kinds of weapons he carried??? It was hilarious!!!

Some of the different things from the days and weeks following..and Camye reading the call log from the people who died on Flight 93….heartbreaking!

Mia and Mommy inside the memorial reading what happened on that day.

~4th of July Camping~

Fun Fun Fun!!! We had such a wonderful time camping with some great Christian friends!!!! We went to Shawnee State Park in Pennsylvania. We were very happy with the campgrounds and they had great bathrooms and showers….which is a must when I am camping!! Camye, Mia and their sweet friends Alycia and Jamie. They played in the lake for hours every day!!

Our good friend Andy, brought this cool thing for Kenny to pull Mia with his bike. She LOVED it.

We even put the men folk to work one night, while we made a Walmart run!

Camye and Mia Grace!!

Mia’s cute little feet in the sand!!!

Chloe and Adam were able to go Kayaking. They had so much fun but it was ALOT of work. Chloe said it was great, Adam did everything!

Mia having fun in the sun!!

Mia and her great friend Caleb, she loves Caleb and loves to yell his name randomly around the campsite. He always wants to play with her!!

Chloe and Mia having fun in the lake!!! Mia loved the water!!!!! I wonder if she hasnt swam before!!

Paul, my little red headed, freckled face little boy! I have wanted one, and his hair is definetly red this summer!!

Yes..I am this cute!!!

Trying to get 10 kids to pose in front of an elephant after 4 days of camping…not such a great photo OP!…

My 3 littles sleeping away…..