~Trick or Treat~

Happy Halloween!! Last night we went Trick or Treating over at our great friends house. We have trick or treated with these friends for 3 years now. They have 5 kids…we have 5…almost 6 kids….we play well together!:)
Mia, our butterfly, she wanted to be Snow White or any princess actually…but in the rain and the tempature being 40, I was feeling leggings, tights, and turtlenecks.

Blake my glow in the dark stick man…this costume is hard to appreciate in the light. But it was really cute….errr….handsome/manly.

Chloe, my superwoman….oh my…can she wear a costume! She looked gorgeous.

My little bumble bee….its hard to be 10 and pick the perfect costume that you are comfortable in. She was so nervous about finding a costume. She told me she just wanted to be comfortable and look normal. So we bought the tail and antennas and she chose the panda shirt. She looked adorable!

Paul….I mean Mario getting his mustache groomed by daddy!

Mario striking the …ever famous Mario pose.



Mario..a little high on his highly allergic Red dye…but Mario with his BFF Luigi.

The crew….before.

The crew after…I didnt take my camera outside because of the rain.

Mia and her pal Luigi….her face is already stained.

The haul.

And then the games begin….they come home and dump all the candy together. They sort it all into organized categories…then take turns choosing what they want. They have done since they were little. I love my little trick or treaters!

Could She Be Any More Beautiful?

I am not biased or anything. But my sweet little Camye is simply beautitful.

Camye’s dance teacher was recently married. She invited all the girls from her classes to come to or wedding and perform a special dance. More pictures to come on that… I thought it was such a wonderful and sweet oppurtunity.

Be.Still.My.Heart. She is so precious. Her beautiful blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair makes her momma so proud!:) But mostly I am proud because of her heart for Jesus.

Halloween 2009!!!

What fun!!! The kids had a blast trick or treating Saturday night! Chloe was a soccer player, Blake was a pirate, Camye was a black kitty and Paul was a rooster!!!

We made a HUGE haul in the candy area!!. Bleh..I am already sick of it hanging around the house. Anyway…Here is a belated Happy Halloween!!