Christmas DAY!!!

Merry Christmas!! What a wonderful wonderful day….

Started off a little rough….with Mia being so sick with pnemonia and it going all for about a week. I have been so behind. I didnt do all the usual baking I do. I finished all the shopping. But I usually am done a few weeks ahead of Christmas and this I was so off. So being the ridiculously planned out person that I usually am. I took one of my Christmas present Mom’s Plan It calander and scheduled all my baking, shopping and wrapping for next year and put it on the schedule. What I am fixing and when and what I am taking to which Christmas celebration.

This is not the time of year to be rushing around. So because Kenny and I were up until…me-2:45..thank you Mia for crying out for me. And poor Daddy was up finishing until 4am. But at 5:30am, the older 4 kids all start jumping on the girls room which we can hear from our room. Then they started singing Christmas songs on the top of their lungs, of course I wake with a start. I take off up the stairs to realize they just wanted to wake me up but know they would be in big trouble if they came down those stairs and we missed their precious little faces. I was not happy…I know it was Christmas morning. I told them they had to wait until 6:30am, to wake up. So all was quiet until 6:28am…ack…woke again with a start. Arghghh….we got up.

Even Miss Mia..who is NOT a morning person.. AT.ALL.
Stockings first, they are their favorites. I have to say I cram all sorts of goodies in those stockings. I love stocking stuffers.

I almost made a blog post just on Paul’s facial expressions through out the day. I loved it! It made my day. He was ecstatic to get Build a Bear shoes.

Camye got her gorgeous little pink phone, so she can take it on her cruise in January. She is so beautiful!!

Now the ring leader…my 15 year old…the one who woke everyone up at 5am. AFTER she opened her TOM’s shoes, she layed on the floor and wanted to take a nap.IN.THE.MIDDLE of opening presents! No way…sister…you woke me up…you are enjoying every second of it!! If giving her the Tom’s on Christmas Eve would have bought a few more hours, trust me she could have slept in them!!

Oh yes..the Star Wars Lego Man book…he has been DIEING for!!!

A few games for all.

Mia and her twin babies. Such a great mother.

Oh my…and the big finale!! THE AIRSOFT GUNS!!

Chloe and Blake play airsoft games with some great friends of theirs…I bought them some cheap ones last year thinking it wasnt that serious of a hobby. Well…this year, Daddy broke out the BIG GUNS. LITERALLY.

Oh yes….the BIG.GUNS. Now if they will just replace the little plastic wheelbarrow they used as a target in the front yard, since it is full of holes.;)

What a mess! After a bout with wrapping, we needed to get ready for church services. Daddy had to leave early to get the sound booth set up. We got fabulous new carpet, new trim, and new pew/chairs. The church looked gorgeous this morning!! Someone had donated beautiful flowers and everyone got to take some home. What a blessing…of course I will kill it since my thumbs are black. But I did get a great idea that maybe I could keep this fabulous plant alive until I got a stem caught in my sleeve of my coat and ripped it out. Oh was a nice Christmas dream..for a second.

Best part of the day, my husband was able to sit with me for a few minutes in church today. It may seem like such a little thing. But he is the head tech guy at our church….the other guy left in August:(:( and we miss him dearly. We went to 2 services in September and Kenny has been running both services. So we dont ride to church together, sit together or really even see each other. It makes me sad and he knows it. He does have someone taking over the first service, which I am so grateful. But this morning half way thru our Christmas sermon, here he comes down the aisle to sit with me, Paul and Mia!! Praise to the Lord! Merry Christmas!!

Our Christmas Eve…

Christmas was wonderful this year.
We are so thankful to have our little Mia home, and feeling better.
First we started with sugar cookies.

Mia and Mommy.

Mia going to town with her cookie cutters.

We just let her have her own cookie dough.

Which was good news, for Santa, since she chose to lay in the cookie dough.

Daddy posing for a picture.

Loving on Camye’s perfect little cookies.

Chloe decorating her cookies.

Isnt she beautiful?

Arent they splendid?

We started the day at my Mamaws in West Virginia.

Sorry these pictures are out of order.
This blog could be called the many faces of Pauly.

So pretty.

She knows she is about to open her Tom’s from her Mamaw and Papaw.

Sweet. Sweet. Camye.


Paul loving his Mamaw.

Oh and the grand gift of all.

Her precious table and chairs.

Her reaction and Paul’s reactions to Christmas this year were priceless.

She loved her table and chairs!!

Oh yes..I believe this was about the time she looked at me and said.

I am so happy, mommy.


Oh my the preciousness that oozes out of this girl.

Merry Christmas Eve.

Hold on for Christmas Day.

~Christmas pictures or NOT~

My guess is NOT….Mia has been a very sick little girl with stomach flu which shot my plans for Christmas pictures on Monday…or Tuesday…or Wednesday…but this morning I thought I would give it a shot in front of our Christmas tree.

WARNING: I am NOT a great photograhper. I am NOT a great writer. I am not a great housekeeper. We live….LIVE and homeschool in our house 24/7.. My children are loved. And have a path to walk through…just kidding. And my kids ….each one of the 5…have to have a blanket near 5 feet it seems at all times….then drag it behind them at all times…;)

Okay…so here we go…..First up Paul…said I had to take his choice of picture first…so here are his choices.

And his favorite..trash pacs…why dont I think of these toys??? I would be so rich!

And Mia with her beloved coloring books…

She has to do everything her big brother does.;)

And we couldnt make it through the picture without Mia giving her brother a massage…a random massage????

Oh yes and the beloved pink bag..that made about every shot. I hope Kenny is ready to work on some editing when he gets home!!

Oh yes and FIT….this was Mia throwing a fit..I love Chloe’s face here. Oh yes and she is at it again.

Oh the beloved pink bag…

Christmas Pictures or Maybe not…

 So I have set a goal of blogging everyday for 30 days!! Trying to motivate my inner blogger. Of course if the new blogger wasnt a pain to use it would help. We tried Christmas pictures today. I am not overly thrilled with these. We forgot Mia’s glasses and when I had remembered everyne had ripped off their red and green.

I started taking our own pictures, when my wonderful husband bought a fabulous picture. I found out really quick that anyone with over 1.2 kids…can do their own at home for much cheaper and when everyone is not sick, dirty or too tired. I love the one of Mia alone and Paul alone. Not thrilled with the group shot..will try again later!1

Christmas Day Fun!!!!

Merry Christmas!! I know I know I am late with my blogging!! But all along in my blogging career..haha….I have been blogging with dial up!! yes DIAL UP!! Isn’t that prehistoric? But today I got satellite Internet!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!! SO I am going to update my blog..:) We are such a blessed family. We had a wonderful Christmas. Not just lots of presents but the joy of being with each other.

The kids were so excited!! They were pounding on our ceiling/their floor at 6 am….not how I like to be awaken. But it was Christmas morning…!!!! Of course they always want to do stockings this year…that is their favorite part!! All 4 kids prefer the stockings and want to take their time on them as well.

All the kids opening a DVD to all of them from Santa!!

After a fabulous morning of waking up to the smell of Wassail, opening gifts, playing with our toys, opening stockings, eating Ree Drummonds awesome cinnamon rolls, our family headed down to my parents and grandparents. Unfortunately, my parents were VERY sick and my mom had even went to ER. We only were able to visit at my Mamaw Wells house. But it was still great fun!! We did deliver presents to my other grandparents but they weren’t feeling well so we didn’t stay and open any more gifts.

Camye and our baby cousin Emma..who is as sweet as sweet can be!! This was her first Christmas and we go to spend it with her!

Merry Christmas!! Next year is going to be even more exciting!!

Merry Christmas from the Rogers Family

To all our friends and family,
Hello, I planned on writing a fabulous Christmas letter this year but didn’t get around to writing it, finding pretty paper and getting it mailed on time. So I thought I would blog my letter and the very few family and friends that read our blog can enjoy it.:)

What a blessed year, our year has experienced!! Just a few key things we have experienced this past year:

~ February 2010- 24 inches of snow in one night!! Pure delight!

~April 2010- Our family attended Lads to Leaders convention in Nashville, Tennessee and came home with lots and lots of awards!!! Hebrews 11

~July 2010- Kenny, Chloe and I went on our first mission trip to Baja, Mexico to stay the City of Children. What a life changing experience!! James 1:27

~September 2010- Chloe started 9th grade, Blake started 6th grade, Camye started 4th grade and Paul started Kindergarten. We are a busy homeschooling household. I wouldn’t change a thing. Proverbs 22:6

Chloe has enjoyed being in high school this year. She has chosen a lot of her curriculum and is enjoying her co-op classes. It has been quite an amazing year watching her grow in the Lord. The mission trip was such an awesome experience to experience together. She has also become quite the public speaker and loves to give speeches. She has also been working a lot by babysitting and cleaning. She has become quite the mature young lady and we are so proud of her.

Blake loves being in the 6th grade. His favorite subject is Science. He loves animals and has about 8 pet snakes that he caught this past summer. He is the typical boy loving snakes, outdoors and video games. He was baptized at our church this past year by his father. And what a feeling to have your son be your brother in Christ. What a blessing!

Camye loves playing with her friends. Her favorite subject is Math is enjoying her Teaching Textbooks on the laptop. She got her ears pierced this past summer. She is such a little mother and enjoys mothering her little brother. She is going to be a great mother some day.

Paul is our baby. He is cute and cuddly. He still enjoys wearing his footed sleepers. He loves his friends. He follows and imitates his older brother every chance he gets. He loves God and loves to quote his bible knowledge to his, any chance he gets.

I am going to stop there with exciting news on the home front. We have had a rough few months with injuries in this house. In October, Blake ripped his knee the bone while playing at a church bonfire. Chloe broke her nose playing soccer and had surgery. In December, Chloe broke her arm ice skating.

I have to say this may have gotten us down but it has also brought to my attention how very blessed I am. Our family has had such a blessed year. I can’t even describe it.

We are about to embark on something new and exciting. I ask each of you to keep us in your prayers this year as our plan and pray is God’s plan unravels. Check back to our blog for more details!!!
Many Blessings,
Ken, Wendi, Chloe, Blake, Camye and Paul Rogers

Some traditions we have..

Some traditions we have…some may be odd…but here goes.:)

I always shop till I drop on Black Friday. This year Chloe joined me.

We always put the Christmas tree up the Monday after Thanksgiving….and I have recovered from Black Friday. I guess I could say we put our tree up on Cyber Monday.;)

We decorate a gingerbread house.

My kids and my husband always open pajamas and a new Christmas ornanment on Christmas eve.

We always open presents first then stockings.

Kenny enjoys getting on the roof and stomping his feet and ringing jingle bells…so the kids pretend to be asleep because they think Santa is here.

We enjoy a Christmas Eve dinner as a family….menu to follow.:)

And I always ALWAYS shop the day after…:):)

Every year I try to add some traditions….

This year I am putting Wassail in my crock pot on Christmas Eve so that my house will smell Christmasy in the morning.

On Christmas Eve, this year we are hiding a pickle ornament to the tree, which ever kid finds they will get to open an extra gift that night. It will be a Christmas book to add to our Christmas book collection.

This year I purchased the gingerbread house cookie we are baking and decorating our own!!:)

It’s The Most Wonderful Time

….of the year.
Wow arent my kids wonderful!!:):):)

I am going to do a better job of updating my blog more often. I have become a blog slacker..I will blame it on my dial up and not finding a good app for my Iphone to update from.

* Happy to report Christmas shopping is complete.

* Almost all presents are wrapped.

* Last minute fun baking projects – sugar cookies for Santa and our Gingerbread house from scratch (not sure why I decided to purchase the cookie cutters to cut out my own house but I did, since we dont actually eat our house)

Things I am doing differently next year:

I am getting an Elf on the Shelf.

I am starting Christmas shopping on December 26.

I will do other peoples Christmas shopping but must have money and complete that shopping by November 1st.

I am cutting out two gift exchanges that my family participated in this year.

I am ordering Christmas cards by November 15th …the really cool ones from Shutterfly.

Santa has arrived—Christmas Day!!!

My inlaws beautiful Christmas tree that the kids a hurry. They just threw the beads everywhere…and I thought it looked really nice!!!!! Stockings before the attack of kids…

Seeing their stockings for the first time….very excited to see a Webkinz peaking out over the top.

Just getting started….

Every little boy needs a light saber..!!!!!

Blake has recently started seriously into Legos. Some of you may remember my younger brothers infatuation with Legos…so Legos are in abundance at my brothers house. We have some smaller sets and bags of odds and ends I have picked up at Goodwill. I waited in line for 2 hours on Black Friday to get this Lego set…$100 off the original price. He is still working on it.:)

Paul and Austin both recieved Moon Sand for Christmas. Paul just opened his and is having a blast making Moon Treasures!!

Chloe was ecstatic to recieve the Ipod Itouch this year…the video I took of her is awesome and for some reason I cried when she opened it. That Santa gets me everytime!!!LOL!:)

Camye got the Elizabeth doll, best friend to her Felicity doll. She was very excited!!

Blake got a DS….his broke aout 6months ago and he has been saving his money for a new one.

We had a most blessed Christmas and hope all our family and friends did too. Also we did not do Christmas cards this year. So dont think I cut you off my list, when we stay home next year and things arent so chaotic….you will recieve one.:)

Christmas Traditions

Even though we were in Texas, we did try keep some of the Traditional Traditions. And of course sugar cooking making and decorating were on that list.:) There were plenty of desserts though, peanut butter balls (buckeyes), no bake cookies, butterscotch scotties, pecan pie, cheesecakes, cherry o creme pies…and the list goes on and on. Fun Fun Fun with their cousins…