Christmas Pictures or Maybe not…

 So I have set a goal of blogging everyday for 30 days!! Trying to motivate my inner blogger. Of course if the new blogger wasnt a pain to use it would help. We tried Christmas pictures today. I am not overly thrilled with these. We forgot Mia’s glasses and when I had remembered everyne had ripped off their red and green.

I started taking our own pictures, when my wonderful husband bought a fabulous picture. I found out really quick that anyone with over 1.2 kids…can do their own at home for much cheaper and when everyone is not sick, dirty or too tired. I love the one of Mia alone and Paul alone. Not thrilled with the group shot..will try again later!1

2 thoughts on “Christmas Pictures or Maybe not…

  1. I'm very thankful that I don't have the new blogger yet… I just don't take well to change. 😦 I love your photos. They turned out really well (minus the missing glasses, but I have had that happen so many times…)

  2. Did you know you can change back to the old Blogger template? At least I think you still can. I tried the new template, didn't like it, and switched back. I hope I don't have to change for real for a while…I have enough problems keeping up with Facebook; Blogger has been my safe haven of stability! :^)

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