~Christmas pictures or NOT~

My guess is NOT….Mia has been a very sick little girl with stomach flu which shot my plans for Christmas pictures on Monday…or Tuesday…or Wednesday…but this morning I thought I would give it a shot in front of our Christmas tree.

WARNING: I am NOT a great photograhper. I am NOT a great writer. I am not a great housekeeper. We live….LIVE and homeschool in our house 24/7.. My children are loved. And have a path to walk through…just kidding. And my kids ….each one of the 5…have to have a blanket near them..like 5 feet it seems at all times….then drag it behind them at all times…;)

Okay…so here we go…..First up Paul…said I had to take his choice of picture first…so here are his choices.

And his favorite..trash pacs…why dont I think of these toys??? I would be so rich!

And Mia with her beloved coloring books…

She has to do everything her big brother does.;)

And we couldnt make it through the picture without Mia giving her brother a massage…a random massage????

Oh yes and the beloved pink bag..that made about every shot. I hope Kenny is ready to work on some editing when he gets home!!

Oh yes and FIT….this was Mia throwing a fit..I love Chloe’s face here. Oh yes and she is at it again.

Oh the beloved pink bag…

3 thoughts on “~Christmas pictures or NOT~

  1. LOL!!! I love Chloe's face in that one! That's the look I'm sure my Katie will have in a few years. A lot of the time. πŸ˜‰ I think they're DEFINITELY Christmas pictures! They're real, I always prefer real to staged. (OK, not really, I'd love to have a perfect family portrait done, but it hasn't happened yet with our brood. So I've resigned myself to "real" pictures instead. :P)

  2. I am LAUGHING! Oh the joys of 5 children, huh? Wait until there is another little cutie in the mix! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Thank you for the mood lifter! ha!

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