Christmas DAY!!!

Merry Christmas!! What a wonderful wonderful day….

Started off a little rough….with Mia being so sick with pnemonia and it going all for about a week. I have been so behind. I didnt do all the usual baking I do. I finished all the shopping. But I usually am done a few weeks ahead of Christmas and this I was so off. So being the ridiculously planned out person that I usually am. I took one of my Christmas present Mom’s Plan It calander and scheduled all my baking, shopping and wrapping for next year and put it on the schedule. What I am fixing and when and what I am taking to which Christmas celebration.

This is not the time of year to be rushing around. So because Kenny and I were up until…me-2:45..thank you Mia for crying out for me. And poor Daddy was up finishing until 4am. But at 5:30am, the older 4 kids all start jumping on the girls room which we can hear from our room. Then they started singing Christmas songs on the top of their lungs, of course I wake with a start. I take off up the stairs to realize they just wanted to wake me up but know they would be in big trouble if they came down those stairs and we missed their precious little faces. I was not happy…I know it was Christmas morning. I told them they had to wait until 6:30am, to wake up. So all was quiet until 6:28am…ack…woke again with a start. Arghghh….we got up.

Even Miss Mia..who is NOT a morning person.. AT.ALL.
Stockings first, they are their favorites. I have to say I cram all sorts of goodies in those stockings. I love stocking stuffers.

I almost made a blog post just on Paul’s facial expressions through out the day. I loved it! It made my day. He was ecstatic to get Build a Bear shoes.

Camye got her gorgeous little pink phone, so she can take it on her cruise in January. She is so beautiful!!

Now the ring leader…my 15 year old…the one who woke everyone up at 5am. AFTER she opened her TOM’s shoes, she layed on the floor and wanted to take a nap.IN.THE.MIDDLE of opening presents! No way…sister…you woke me up…you are enjoying every second of it!! If giving her the Tom’s on Christmas Eve would have bought a few more hours, trust me she could have slept in them!!

Oh yes..the Star Wars Lego Man book…he has been DIEING for!!!

A few games for all.

Mia and her twin babies. Such a great mother.

Oh my…and the big finale!! THE AIRSOFT GUNS!!

Chloe and Blake play airsoft games with some great friends of theirs…I bought them some cheap ones last year thinking it wasnt that serious of a hobby. Well…this year, Daddy broke out the BIG GUNS. LITERALLY.

Oh yes….the BIG.GUNS. Now if they will just replace the little plastic wheelbarrow they used as a target in the front yard, since it is full of holes.;)

What a mess! After a bout with wrapping, we needed to get ready for church services. Daddy had to leave early to get the sound booth set up. We got fabulous new carpet, new trim, and new pew/chairs. The church looked gorgeous this morning!! Someone had donated beautiful flowers and everyone got to take some home. What a blessing…of course I will kill it since my thumbs are black. But I did get a great idea that maybe I could keep this fabulous plant alive until I got a stem caught in my sleeve of my coat and ripped it out. Oh was a nice Christmas dream..for a second.

Best part of the day, my husband was able to sit with me for a few minutes in church today. It may seem like such a little thing. But he is the head tech guy at our church….the other guy left in August:(:( and we miss him dearly. We went to 2 services in September and Kenny has been running both services. So we dont ride to church together, sit together or really even see each other. It makes me sad and he knows it. He does have someone taking over the first service, which I am so grateful. But this morning half way thru our Christmas sermon, here he comes down the aisle to sit with me, Paul and Mia!! Praise to the Lord! Merry Christmas!!

One thought on “Christmas DAY!!!

  1. I know what you mean about the blessing of sitting together in church. I sing on the worship team and help out with video, too – so that often has me serving 2 Sundays a month…and my hubby is so involved with missions that he's often got commitments…which seem to often occur on my "off" weeks with worship team/video. Neither of us was doing anything on Christmas Eve, though – and, in fact, we chose to visit a different church entirely (long story, that one!), and it was so lovely to be together. As I'm sure is true with you, we don't mind serving at all – we consider it a blessing to be able to do so – but, still, it's nice when we get a break. :^)

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