Some traditions we have..

Some traditions we have…some may be odd…but here goes.:)

I always shop till I drop on Black Friday. This year Chloe joined me.

We always put the Christmas tree up the Monday after Thanksgiving….and I have recovered from Black Friday. I guess I could say we put our tree up on Cyber Monday.;)

We decorate a gingerbread house.

My kids and my husband always open pajamas and a new Christmas ornanment on Christmas eve.

We always open presents first then stockings.

Kenny enjoys getting on the roof and stomping his feet and ringing jingle bells…so the kids pretend to be asleep because they think Santa is here.

We enjoy a Christmas Eve dinner as a family….menu to follow.:)

And I always ALWAYS shop the day after…:):)

Every year I try to add some traditions….

This year I am putting Wassail in my crock pot on Christmas Eve so that my house will smell Christmasy in the morning.

On Christmas Eve, this year we are hiding a pickle ornament to the tree, which ever kid finds they will get to open an extra gift that night. It will be a Christmas book to add to our Christmas book collection.

This year I purchased the gingerbread house cookie we are baking and decorating our own!!:)

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