Steps For A Great Back to Homeschool

Even in the homeschool world things can play out crazily for the first day of school. The weeks leading up to it.. Homeschool moms are typically looking for the best deals on school supplies. Wardrobes aren’t the same priority when you can do school in your jammies but my kids still get some new threads and the back to coop outfit.

But on the first day of school at home things really kick into high gear. The first day of school can be overwhelming for me who will be teaching 12th, 9th, 7th, 3rd, K5 and a K4 and adding a very active and cute 3 year old thru adoption hopefully by the end of the year or other moms teaching many ages or just one age.

So, for all of those homeschool moms who will have a very busy first day of school this year, I want to give you some ideas to have a successful first day of homeschool!

1. Make a Schedule….just do it. This is the part i struggle with the most but my most favorite part. A schedule is nothing more than a written plan for your day. There are many different types of schedules with different levels of detailing. When the going gets tough, you can always leave the schedule but if there is no written plan things are likely to be left undone. So, have a written plan! Any schedule is better than no schedule.

2. Start before the first day or take it one step at a time. Aside from a written plan, Get a plan for the ‘littles’, if I can keep the littles occupied and quiet… My older kids do fabulous.

3. The first day of school, my kids are always curious about new books, notebooks, computer programs, note cards, supplies, and on and on. So, we do little “school” on the first day of school…although they do learn a great deal. Since we have the entire school
Year, I let them have a chance to thumb through things and become familiar with each book or program during the time when they will be doing that subject. They can also ask all of those hundreds of questions, i know they will have. I look for an extra special project, art, experiment, or kitchen fun in the first few days of school.

4. Start your school day with a high protein breakfast. And plan out your meals. I can not stress this enough. In fact I will have another blog post on just that.. Menu planning. But put supper in your crock pot.. So your day can be carefree!!

5. Best for Last! Remember to stop and laugh.. Smile. Don’t be stressed. Look for opportunities throughout your day with your kids to just stop and enjoy the moment. Sometimes I get so focused on completing a project or schedule.. I miss the fun loving parts of my day. Learning is fun!!

Enjoy your back to ‘homeschool day!

Christmas Pictures or Maybe not…

 So I have set a goal of blogging everyday for 30 days!! Trying to motivate my inner blogger. Of course if the new blogger wasnt a pain to use it would help. We tried Christmas pictures today. I am not overly thrilled with these. We forgot Mia’s glasses and when I had remembered everyne had ripped off their red and green.

I started taking our own pictures, when my wonderful husband bought a fabulous picture. I found out really quick that anyone with over 1.2 kids…can do their own at home for much cheaper and when everyone is not sick, dirty or too tired. I love the one of Mia alone and Paul alone. Not thrilled with the group shot..will try again later!1

~4th of July Camping~

Fun Fun Fun!!! We had such a wonderful time camping with some great Christian friends!!!! We went to Shawnee State Park in Pennsylvania. We were very happy with the campgrounds and they had great bathrooms and showers….which is a must when I am camping!! Camye, Mia and their sweet friends Alycia and Jamie. They played in the lake for hours every day!!

Our good friend Andy, brought this cool thing for Kenny to pull Mia with his bike. She LOVED it.

We even put the men folk to work one night, while we made a Walmart run!

Camye and Mia Grace!!

Mia’s cute little feet in the sand!!!

Chloe and Adam were able to go Kayaking. They had so much fun but it was ALOT of work. Chloe said it was great, Adam did everything!

Mia having fun in the sun!!

Mia and her great friend Caleb, she loves Caleb and loves to yell his name randomly around the campsite. He always wants to play with her!!

Chloe and Mia having fun in the lake!!! Mia loved the water!!!!! I wonder if she hasnt swam before!!

Paul, my little red headed, freckled face little boy! I have wanted one, and his hair is definetly red this summer!!

Yes..I am this cute!!!

Trying to get 10 kids to pose in front of an elephant after 4 days of camping…not such a great photo OP!…

My 3 littles sleeping away…..

~Summer Fun~

What a great week!! Mia is still doing fabulous. She is bonding with the boys alot more! We had a picnic to invite friends over to meet little Mia. It was great fun! More mommy-omma!!

Mia and her new friend Ellianna!!

Mia loves jumping in mud puddles!!!

Paul loves this chair…he pretends it is turtle shell.

Paul and Mia love piggy back rides…

Mia loves giving kisses…

Mold me and Make me

Arent my kids beautiful?It is so exciting to know that God has hand chosen our children and given them to us adopted or not. We don’t know what to expect. Chloe, our first born is beautiful, easygoing and fun. God blessed us with her as our first cookie cutter gingerbread child. Blake has been my easiest little blessing. He is so gentle and loving but also the rough tough little boy is all there too. God blessed me with this second little cookie cutter gingerbread child.

Camye is my little mother, so joyful, helpful and beautiful. She has been an easy and 3rd little cookie cutter gingerbread child.

Paul is the baby of our family for now. He is just like his dad and Uncle Nathan, always laughing and joking around with everyone. However he is no our typical cookie cutter gingerbread cookie. I believe God gave us cookie dough and asked us to Mold him and Make him. 🙂

I am so excited to see what God has in store for us with our new little girl. I look at her and think she looks like my mom. I look at her smile and see Paul. I look at her hair and see Chloe. I look at her laughter and see Blake. I look at her run and see Kenny. What will little Mia Grace add to our family? I know it will be lots of joy, tears, frustration, laughter, and playing. I just cant wait to meet her.

Mold me and make me after Thy will, While I am waiting, yielded and still. Have Thine own way, Lord! Have Thine own way!~ I have always loved this song. But I need to ask myself Am I willing to say Mold me, and shape me, and use me, Lord make me …that is my prayer

Disney Princesses on Ice

My friend Stacey called a few weeks ago and has SUITE tickets to Disney Princesses on Ice. So we decided to join her….we had such a fun time. Our friend Tammie and her daughter Paige joined us. My beautiful daughters….one more will be joining them soon. We already decided we had to take our new little one to see the Princesses ASAP.
My great friend Stacey and her daughters Elianna and Kailey
Me and my girls!:):) Arent they beautiful!!!
Camye was being a goof and not wanting to smile….:)

It’s The Most Wonderful Time

….of the year.
Wow arent my kids wonderful!!:):):)

I am going to do a better job of updating my blog more often. I have become a blog slacker..I will blame it on my dial up and not finding a good app for my Iphone to update from.

* Happy to report Christmas shopping is complete.

* Almost all presents are wrapped.

* Last minute fun baking projects – sugar cookies for Santa and our Gingerbread house from scratch (not sure why I decided to purchase the cookie cutters to cut out my own house but I did, since we dont actually eat our house)

Things I am doing differently next year:

I am getting an Elf on the Shelf.

I am starting Christmas shopping on December 26.

I will do other peoples Christmas shopping but must have money and complete that shopping by November 1st.

I am cutting out two gift exchanges that my family participated in this year.

I am ordering Christmas cards by November 15th …the really cool ones from Shutterfly.

10th Year of Homeschooling

Yes can you believe it? I have started our 10th year of homeschooling.

Chloe is in the 9th grade. She is taking Apologia Biology, Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1, Notgrass History, Rosetta Stone SPanish, at co-op she is taking English, What happened to Penny Candy? (Econmics), Biology Lab and a Teen Bible Class. She is playing on a homeschool high school soccer team and hopes to run track on a homeschool team in the Spring.

Blake is in 6th grade. He is taking Teaching Textbook 6th grade, My Fathers World HIstory and Geography, Anatomy, Literature, , Daily Grams, Easy Grammar, Cursive Writing, at co-op he is taking Natural Disasters, Revolutionary Way, Literature and a gym class. He is playing on a middle school homeschool team and hopes to run track on a homeschool team in the spring as well.

Camye is in 4th grade. She is taking Teaching Textbooks 4th grade, My Fathers World HIstory and Geography, Anatomy, Easy Grammar, Daily Grams, Cursive Writing, at co-op she is taking Literature, Natural Disasters, gym and Geology. Camye is taking ballet, freestyle and jazz dance. She loves it. And looks forward tobeing old enough to play on the homeschool Hornets soccer team next year.

Paul is a kindergartner. He used to love school before he had to do it. Now he is really bored with it. He knows his letters, sounds, numbers, adding, subtracting. He knows how to cut, glue, staple, color about everything.!! He just needs to sit down long enough to do some major work. But at this point he is ahead of the game so I am not worried about it. He does about an hour of sit down work every day. He is loving co-op. OTher than when told the other day if he did his homework he would get a sticker next, he told his teacher….ahhh thats okay I dont like stickers very much anyway. He is looking forward to spring. We are going to allow him to play soccer!!! This is going to be fun to watch!!