It’s The Most Wonderful Time

….of the year.
Wow arent my kids wonderful!!:):):)

I am going to do a better job of updating my blog more often. I have become a blog slacker..I will blame it on my dial up and not finding a good app for my Iphone to update from.

* Happy to report Christmas shopping is complete.

* Almost all presents are wrapped.

* Last minute fun baking projects – sugar cookies for Santa and our Gingerbread house from scratch (not sure why I decided to purchase the cookie cutters to cut out my own house but I did, since we dont actually eat our house)

Things I am doing differently next year:

I am getting an Elf on the Shelf.

I am starting Christmas shopping on December 26.

I will do other peoples Christmas shopping but must have money and complete that shopping by November 1st.

I am cutting out two gift exchanges that my family participated in this year.

I am ordering Christmas cards by November 15th …the really cool ones from Shutterfly.

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