Merry Christmas from the Rogers Family

To all our friends and family,
Hello, I planned on writing a fabulous Christmas letter this year but didn’t get around to writing it, finding pretty paper and getting it mailed on time. So I thought I would blog my letter and the very few family and friends that read our blog can enjoy it.:)

What a blessed year, our year has experienced!! Just a few key things we have experienced this past year:

~ February 2010- 24 inches of snow in one night!! Pure delight!

~April 2010- Our family attended Lads to Leaders convention in Nashville, Tennessee and came home with lots and lots of awards!!! Hebrews 11

~July 2010- Kenny, Chloe and I went on our first mission trip to Baja, Mexico to stay the City of Children. What a life changing experience!! James 1:27

~September 2010- Chloe started 9th grade, Blake started 6th grade, Camye started 4th grade and Paul started Kindergarten. We are a busy homeschooling household. I wouldn’t change a thing. Proverbs 22:6

Chloe has enjoyed being in high school this year. She has chosen a lot of her curriculum and is enjoying her co-op classes. It has been quite an amazing year watching her grow in the Lord. The mission trip was such an awesome experience to experience together. She has also become quite the public speaker and loves to give speeches. She has also been working a lot by babysitting and cleaning. She has become quite the mature young lady and we are so proud of her.

Blake loves being in the 6th grade. His favorite subject is Science. He loves animals and has about 8 pet snakes that he caught this past summer. He is the typical boy loving snakes, outdoors and video games. He was baptized at our church this past year by his father. And what a feeling to have your son be your brother in Christ. What a blessing!

Camye loves playing with her friends. Her favorite subject is Math is enjoying her Teaching Textbooks on the laptop. She got her ears pierced this past summer. She is such a little mother and enjoys mothering her little brother. She is going to be a great mother some day.

Paul is our baby. He is cute and cuddly. He still enjoys wearing his footed sleepers. He loves his friends. He follows and imitates his older brother every chance he gets. He loves God and loves to quote his bible knowledge to his, any chance he gets.

I am going to stop there with exciting news on the home front. We have had a rough few months with injuries in this house. In October, Blake ripped his knee the bone while playing at a church bonfire. Chloe broke her nose playing soccer and had surgery. In December, Chloe broke her arm ice skating.

I have to say this may have gotten us down but it has also brought to my attention how very blessed I am. Our family has had such a blessed year. I can’t even describe it.

We are about to embark on something new and exciting. I ask each of you to keep us in your prayers this year as our plan and pray is God’s plan unravels. Check back to our blog for more details!!!
Many Blessings,
Ken, Wendi, Chloe, Blake, Camye and Paul Rogers

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