Christmas Day Fun!!!!

Merry Christmas!! I know I know I am late with my blogging!! But all along in my blogging career..haha….I have been blogging with dial up!! yes DIAL UP!! Isn’t that prehistoric? But today I got satellite Internet!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!! SO I am going to update my blog..:) We are such a blessed family. We had a wonderful Christmas. Not just lots of presents but the joy of being with each other.

The kids were so excited!! They were pounding on our ceiling/their floor at 6 am….not how I like to be awaken. But it was Christmas morning…!!!! Of course they always want to do stockings this year…that is their favorite part!! All 4 kids prefer the stockings and want to take their time on them as well.

All the kids opening a DVD to all of them from Santa!!

After a fabulous morning of waking up to the smell of Wassail, opening gifts, playing with our toys, opening stockings, eating Ree Drummonds awesome cinnamon rolls, our family headed down to my parents and grandparents. Unfortunately, my parents were VERY sick and my mom had even went to ER. We only were able to visit at my Mamaw Wells house. But it was still great fun!! We did deliver presents to my other grandparents but they weren’t feeling well so we didn’t stay and open any more gifts.

Camye and our baby cousin Emma..who is as sweet as sweet can be!! This was her first Christmas and we go to spend it with her!

Merry Christmas!! Next year is going to be even more exciting!!

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