Christmas Pictures or Maybe not…

 So I have set a goal of blogging everyday for 30 days!! Trying to motivate my inner blogger. Of course if the new blogger wasnt a pain to use it would help. We tried Christmas pictures today. I am not overly thrilled with these. We forgot Mia’s glasses and when I had remembered everyne had ripped off their red and green.

I started taking our own pictures, when my wonderful husband bought a fabulous picture. I found out really quick that anyone with over 1.2 kids…can do their own at home for much cheaper and when everyone is not sick, dirty or too tired. I love the one of Mia alone and Paul alone. Not thrilled with the group shot..will try again later!1

Photo Shoot Take 1

Well many of you may know that I get my babies professionally taken when they are 3 years old right before they lose their baby looks. I have went and spent alot of money on the others at these professional studios and havent been the happiest with them. So my friends hubby is trying to start a photography business and has a little studio. He wanted to practice on my kids. He is really working hard to perfect his lighting and the props and everything. The best part is…they were free!! Everything was and he wants to use the kids on his website!! He went ahead and took pics of all of them.

This was one of the last ones taken but still my fave of the group shots.

As most of you know..Paul is a quite the ham of the family!!! He did this on his own.
This one is my fave of Pauly and may be THE 16×20 that I get.
This was the saddest face he could ever make..he said….:) LOL!
I just know this will be my moms favorite. I dont kn0w..I do love this one.
Enjoy!! I will post the other kids on another post!:)