Parties and fun

Paul was invited to his first birthday party at Build A Bear Workshop. He had so much, I wish I would have taken him sooner!!

Paul and best bud Levi holding their police pets!!

Aww….just what I love snuggling with my babies!!!!

Just adding this photo for Mia’s foster parents… I love they check daily!!! Reminds me of how loved she was and still is!!!

Below is Mia holding the first doll I have bought for Avah. Mia keeps pulling this out of Avahs first gift ziploc bag saying oh Mia’s baby not Koreas( which is what she sometimes calls Avah). And then she carries around and loves on it. Daddy says that it is to cute and we need to buy Mia one. Mommy thinks Mia may need to learn to share before big sister gets here!!
Oh yes that is laundry in the background…don’t tell me you don’t have laundry setting around either!!

Oh yes and princess Mia is this cute!! If you read this in the next few days, please pray for little miss Mia. She has pneumonia and is recovering.

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