Aunt Kimberly, Uncle Tom, and cousins Alycia, Elizabeth, Austin and Amelia got Mia a cute tshirt that says CHOSEN for her birthday. Mia turned to the back to show me that it says, Deutronomy 14:2-2 For you are a holy people to the LORD your God, and the LORD has chosen you to be a people for His own possession out of all the peoples who are on the face of the earth. This adorable tshirt came from Great adoption website! And the shirt is so correct, she was chosen for our family by God.

Why are there over 147 or 250 million or however many orphans waiting? Why can’t Christians just take home 1… It is such a blessing. Not just the child blessing you get but oh how you see God. I know maybe some people arent meant to have children, but why not support a an adoption fundraiser…encourage a friend to adopt….advocate for waiting children. There are so many different ways to get involved.

When practicing pure and undefiled religion…I feel the prescence of the Lord in a way I have never felt before..he rocks me to my core.

Someone asked me the other day to tell them about this leap of faith I Took with Mia. I replied, ” give me a minute.” I didn’t know what to say…my leap of faith is nothing compared to others.

Two hours later I answered her…(changed slightly to protect the innocent)

Okay it’s been 2 hours. This question makes me cry. I am just going to bare my soul right here to you. When I saw Mia’s face….I knew… I knew..she was beautiful. My SW kept saying you don’t want a child like this. I kept saying yes I do! When I am given a file to review….I am looking at another human that deserves to be loved and have a family. A child that would sit at the foot of Jesus and be loved by Jesus. A child who may not be perfect in others eyes but perfect in mine. When My SW asked me if I would review ‘our next little ones’ file…I jumped at the chance. I got the file. And wowsers!! Some scary stuff…. But all I could hear in my head as I looked at her smiling face was…is that a reason not to adopt me? She can’t help these problems. God made her just like she was and then her birth mother had to say no. So she has sat and waited and waited…how many
people have said no? She sits and waits…and it kills me, I can’t say no. I didnt want to say no!!!! God pushed me to say yes. Will we have trials? Yes. But at the end of the day when she curls up in my arms..tired of doctors poking at her. She will snuggle in her mamas arms and know its forever.

How can my Jesus love and adopt me as his child? I am a special needs daughter..I Assure you…Jesus knows that. He will never turn his back on me. OR any orphan..he loves them all!

How many orphans are sitting and waiting?? There bright eyes looking at you saying …pick me..pick me!! Why?? We are on this earth for such a short time and as Christians we have one reach the lost. Why not start with the children? God knew. Jesus knew. We should know.

My friend that asked me this question about my leap of faith when choosing a waiting child, is deciding on a waiting child. A beautiful one….and guess what….she has the same name as my little girl.

Yes… That was a God wink…

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3 thoughts on “Chosen..

  1. So beautifully said and tears here! Both of my daughters were waiting children and both were passed over by other families…I truly believe that it was their special needs that made me recognize them as our daughters. I, too, always feel that Christians should at least adopt 1 child or encourage and support…even if it seems hard, Adoption is ALWAYS the right thing to do.

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