~Guess What Came In the Mail for Mia Grace~

Two days ago we got an email from our agency CHSFS that Mia’s foster mom had sent a gift for her. We were so excited and Mia was ECSTATIC!!!!

So when the mail came today…and there was a box for her. She started running around the house screaming Omma…Appa…present..!!!!

She dove right in….

Aw….a letter my favorite part. Our agency had translated it but we have the original. I was so excited for a letter!!! Be still my heart….I just feel such a connection with her foster mom. I know the same love she felt for Mia. It just kills me to think of her loss.

Her beloved Pororo cell phone!!! The one we bought her in Korea had broke…she was soooo happy!!!

Oh yes and Perdy socks….!!!!!! Her favorite Pororo character!!!

And Mia’s favorite part….the pictures of her beloved Omma and Appa….She was immediatly pointing out to us who was who…not that we didnt already know. I have to say that we were afraid Mia may forget her foster parents and not recognize them. NOT A CHANCE….I am amazed how many times a DAY…she will rattle something off about Omma and Appa in Korea. She is so smart!!

Oh how happy she was…..:):)


Thank you!!!!
Not sure how this translates but here goes:
당신의 사려 깊음에 대해 너무 감사합니다. 단어는 내가 미아 그레이스 에 대한 당신의 사랑을 위해 내가 얼마나 감사 설명할 수 없습니다. 그것은 그녀가 그래서 한국에서 사랑받는 것을 알고 훌륭합니다. 네가 쓴 편지는 정말 의미가 항상 소중히 것입니다. 당신이 우리가 배려되고 말 감사하지만 전 언제나 우리의 딸을 위해 당신의 사랑을 위해 충분한 감사하는 길밖이 없다 생각합니다. 우리는 지금 당신을 위해 무언가를 준비하고 있으며 곧 그것을 보내드립니다. 그것은 앞뒤로 선물을 얻으려면 약 6 주가 소요 보인다. 정말 감사!

Gifts and Purchases…

The foster mother is soooo wonderful! We are so thankful for all that she has done and we are so sorry this is breaking her heart. She has been so kind to us. She gave us Mia’s first Hanbok. It is simply breathtakingly beautiful! This picture doesnt do these albums justice!! There are also 2 albums with over 400 pictures and videos on them.

Some of Mia’s favorite toys…she went ahead and sent these with us the other day because she has so much to give Mia. Her favorite music Cd’s, I was so excited to get. She sings, dances and plays instruments all the time!

Things we have purchased…a new bigger Hanbok, a gorgeous Korean tea set to pass down someday to Mia (its in the box, wrapped tightly). I didnt want to risk unpacking and then packing again, chopsticks, Name Chops, English/Korean books and CD’s…..oh and the socks are fabulous here!!!!
We thought all the Pororo items deserved their own picture!! This is her favorite and we were hoping it would give her some comfort of things she loved back home.

DVD’s and books…oh and the Jade and Amythest jewerly here is beautiful!!! It is mined south of Seoul. We were able to purchase two very inexpensive necklaces.

The Pile…

Yes this is my guest room! It is such a mess. I have been shopping and shopping and just piling it on my guest bed. Gifts for the foster mother, sister, father and of course all the fun stuff that comes with having a little girl. Sippy cups, little bottles of juice, playdoh, moon dough and as you can see my list will go on and on and on…. Some of the gifts we are taking to have on hand are local honey, local maple syrup, Ghiradellis chocolate, jelly bellies….

Oh and please notice all the hair bows…be still my heart..I just keep buying….

When things are more organized, I will take single pictures like the foster mother gift, Mia’s first gift…and so on!!!