~Mia Grace Heimee FINALLY~

Oh yes I did…I pushed and pushed for a December court date and I got it! I dont like having to behave like my paper pregnant hormonal self…but I am who I am.

Oh and yes I did dress us all in stripes…note to self..stop buying stripes.;)

Our first family photo, after Mia became an ‘offical’  family member!!

Judge Emery was so friendly and kind. She asked each of the kids to come up and bang her gavel. You know who was up first….he was all over that!

Next up Camye Renee….looking cute as ever!!

Oh yes and 12 years old is not to old…but 15 years old was…Kennith Blake had to give it a bang.

Little, sweet Mia Grace Heimee….all nervous and fingers in mouth…she even gave it a bang.

Some friends of ours were there to take some family photos afterwards…our courthouse is BEAUTIFUL!!!

Then out for ice cream…..:) Kimchi!!

And almost the entire family…we just need our little Avah home!!

What a journey this has been…such a great and blessed journey we are on our way back for another little ‘Seoul Sister’. This morning we given wonderful news that our homestudy was approved and we should have our notarized copies by Christmas. I highly recommend our homestudy agency in Greensburg, PA, Lutheran Service Society. They are wonderful!!

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