Pro-life really?

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Most of you know I am as Pro-life as the next conservative. I do not believe in abortion. I believe there are other choices. However.. A sin is a sin. And all sin is forgiven. This is not where I am going with this
I see so many of my friends complaining about our politicians decisions on abortion yet I see no ACTION. I see lots of complaining, posting and even picketing at abortion mills. It’s a free country and I know picketing has its purpose. I am not anti-picketing.
However before you post on Facebook or Twitter how pro-life you are; lets evaluate just how pro-life you are.
What are you doing to stop abortions?
Think about this.
If a child is not aborted… But given up by their birth mother then this child is an orphan.
Hello have you noticed the orphan crisis in this world?
How many birth mothers who can not support their child .. Are we supporting? Helping? Encouraging? Being there when they suffer the pain and loss.
Pro-lifers…including myself are awesome at flashing that we are against abortion.
But when we stand in line on judgement day… God will not say how many times did you complain about abortion on your Facebook? Twitter? How many signs did you make for picketing at the local abortion mill? Or even how many signs did you shake at devastated moms make a devastating decision?
What does God command? Love others.
How many birth moms have we thrown baby showers for that have decided to not abort there babies? …Who probably have lost friends and family because they chose life?
 How many moms have we hugged because there hearts are broken because they did abort there unborn? Yes they are still people with hearts and souls.
How many not aborted children have we adopted? Fostered? Hosted? Sponsored? Visited? Ministered to?
Please quit facebooking and tweeting your complaints and DO something!! 
God wants action.
Here is an article that inspired this rant…

Fan or Follower…

I know you might say that I am hormonal…or grump..or stressed…or overwhelmed. But I dont think that is it.

I am sad.

I am saddened by this world.

I cry.

I cry because people dont realize what is happening, or is that they do know what is happening but arent doing enough?

I cry… Where is the church?? Where are we? We want to add on gymnasiums and have outlandish social activities … For what??? How is this glorifying God?
Are we fans of Jesus or followers? This is the bible study we are doing on Sunday morning at our congregation. I pray that I am a follower. I want to fight this fight with my entire being.

Thats where I feel I am…I am not doing enough.

Did you go to sleep warm tonight? With more than 10 blankets in your house? Warm pajamas? Full stomachs? Watched your big screen before you fell asleep? Downloaded your kids pictures onto your laptop before falling into blissful sleep because you know your choices for breakfast are aplenty? Guilty times 10 here……

I hate Disney World. There I said it..does it hurt your feelings? I am sorry Mickey Mouse. No not really. I hate it. Will I probably go there? I dont know because I am a selfish American and thats the place to be, right. IF you dont take your kids there you arent giving them what every American child DESERVES and has THE RIGHT too. Forget about those North Korean children who are fighting over the kernel of corn out of the cow pattie over there.

I would rather be holding my friend Amanda’s little boy who was beat into a coma by his birth father. tell him i am sorry some office worker deemed him ready to care for him. i want to hold these children and look into their eyes and tell them how sorry I am that millions of dollars go to support Gay marriage or to purchase Iphones (yes I said it..and I have an Ipad and Ipod) GUILTY…

I keep thinking…we will or should be ‘done’I am tired. My laundry is …excuse me…has EXPLODED. we may have to add on again…OH but wait..have you seen the pictures of the orphanges…where there are 100’s of babies in one room…with only a few caretakers….!!! I think not….

Stepping off my soapbox…dont worry I will be back.

Online Fundraising for your Adoption

Since I have been in the adoption world since 2010…not long…but I have seen so many fundraisers come across my Facebook newsfeed that could be so much better! I do not want to step on anyone’s toes. But I want to help….
This is my advice on having online fundraisers. Ignore if you want.
Online Auctions:
-Offer incentive. Such as for sharing your auction with others, give them a chance on some sort of giveaway. Examples: an iPad mini, an iPad, a camera, kindle fire..whatever. Plan to take this out of your earnings. Just having people share this is HUGE in the amount of money you will make.
-Offer items people WANT or NEED. At a price they afford!! start prices low. every time a person bids, all their friends can see it. you aren’t giving it away. you are simply getting more exposure with low prices. Example: A 31 bag… starting bid $6… i bet 10 friends would bid $1… easily. Start a little friendly competition. Price easily exceeds what you were hoping. However, starting bid $25 …2-3 friends may start bidding. Lose the exposure and the friendly competition. I can NOT express the importance of this above. I have helped many people with their auctions. This is the number one thing I see causing so many failed auctions.

Offer services. Not the ‘junk’ you did not sell at a garage sale. We all have friends that are direct sale reps for something. Have a party. Get the free stuff you earn and auction it off. My wonderful friend Rebekah had a Premier Jewerly party and gave me ALL of her free jewerly. It made over a $1,000 and because of some other fabulous donors; we made close to $4,000.

-Offer chances on your giveaway for every single bid. Increments of $1. Don’t believe..check out this auction….!/BringingHomeOurChinaCuties
-Post photos of the children you are adopting.
Puzzle Fundraisers
Okay this is an awesome one. Have a puzzle made of your child you are adopting. The person purchasing the puzzle piece gets there name on the back of the puzzle piece. A 250 puzzle piece at $20 a piece would let you earn over $5,000!!! Yes $5,000!!!!


-offer a large incentive.
-offer a small incentive
-offer both
I have seen so many cute ideas with these puzzle fundraisers.
1.On Mother’s day, purchase a puzzle piece in your mother’s name or a grandmothers’s name.
2. Purchase a puzzle piece in memory of someone.
3. When putting the puzzle together, put the pieces of your child’s face on LAST so you can the progress of the puzzle. Post actual photos of the progress of your puzzle.
Know Your Friends
This is hard for me to type. But you will see who your true friends are. BUT be a friend. Bid on others auctions. Buy chances. Donate. Whatever….
Again, treat others as you want to be treated.

~Top Rules For My Christian Life~

We’ve all got rules that we live by. Consciously or not. Some of them empower us and some restrict us to a life that we don’t really want or enjoy. I always get asked about my beliefs; the ‘life rules’ which I do my best to live by. I say “do my best”, because I fail…fail miserably… to live up to them on a regular basis and am a work in progress.

Here’s some of my ‘Life Rules’:

1. Trust and Follow God. Sounds easy and of course this is everyone’s first rule of life right. But I mean do it. Trust HIM. Follow HIM to unimaginable places. HE will rock you to your core.

2. When everyone throws in the towel…dive in harder. Do what everyone else is tired of. It will motivate you and then others.

3. Finish whatever you start. Everyone is great at starting things but few are great at finishing.

4. Avoid energy suckers. This explains itself…

5. Make the tough decisions. Most people would rather someone or something else make the tough decision for them. Success is a choice.

6. Change what you can and don’t worry about what you can’t.

7. Don’t be a critic. You’ve got enough of your own issues and weaknesses to work on. People who constantly criticize others are typically insecure. Avoid that like the plague.

8. Don’t make excuses, make plans. Stop talking about it. Start creating it.

9. Invest into others in a practical way. Be generous with your time, your knowledge, your skills, your money and your love. The best return on investment has nothing to do with money.

10. Don’t base your expectations for your future, on your past. Too many people are hostages to their sinful past, so they simply create a sinful future. Ask for forgiveness and MOVE on.

11. Get uncomfortable on a regular basis. Take risks. Physically, emotionally and psychologically.‘Safe’ is boring and unrewarding. ‘Safe’ will not get us to heaven.

12. Don’t spend your life waiting for the ‘right time’. It is always the right time. If you’re breathing, it’s the right time.

13. Live, laugh, learn and love. While many walk around with the world on their shoulders, choose to be different. Choose to live. Choose laughter. Choose learning. Choose LOVE. Choose to be that person.

There’s no right or wrong with this stuff because we all need to find our own truth and we all need to choose how we live our life.

We must choose to be that person….that is not lukewarm. Be HOT…..Go for it. Be what God created….Be his image.

Two Countries One Heart…

I loved seeing this in our church bulletin! I have received some discouragement from others about adoption. However the encouragement I have received from my real friends far outweigh that. it doesn’t matter what other says. It matters that our children come home.

It matters if they have hope knowing they are home and can thrive or hope that their family is coming.

I received this bumper sticker on the morning of Mia’s finalization day. An old friend who married a Korean man, thought of me ad sent this.

This is so true. My heart is in Korea and America. My heart is in orphanage sleeping right now. She will wake up In a few hours and eat breakfast. She will bundle up to go outside with her friends and hop onto her bus and head to preschool. I imagine she sits with this beautiful little girl named Coralie. Coralie is a special little girl whose parents are coming to get her in a few weeks. I imagine my little ‘heart’ sitting by her friend and looking at with large eyes, listening intently of all the new adventures she is about go on. I know Cora is thrilled to be moving to America and have two big brothers. I am sure Cora is glowing!!! I am sure she talks about getting on a plane with her Omma and Appa. She is excited and nervous yet keeps talking to remind herself of the wonderful moments up ahead. I am sure my ‘little heart’ is thinking, Wow Cora sure is lucky! She has been receiving gifts, candy and pictures from a real family. A family that wants her, the only family ,my little heart has known like that wasn’t able to keep her as they were only her foster family. I’m sure sweet Cora says to her your family will probably come soon. I pray she believes her.

My prayer is Please God wrap your arms around my little heart in Seoul, Korea and whisper into her ear, “Mama is coming.. She is trying everything she can to get their as fast as she can.” Please Lord give her hope of her family coming.
It is a proven fact that orphans who know they have a family, even if it takes awhile, start improving in so many ways! I believe it and if you have met Mia Grace and seen her file. You would believe that too.

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Aunt Kimberly, Uncle Tom, and cousins Alycia, Elizabeth, Austin and Amelia got Mia a cute tshirt that says CHOSEN for her birthday. Mia turned to the back to show me that it says, Deutronomy 14:2-2 For you are a holy people to the LORD your God, and the LORD has chosen you to be a people for His own possession out of all the peoples who are on the face of the earth. This adorable tshirt came from Great adoption website! And the shirt is so correct, she was chosen for our family by God.

Why are there over 147 or 250 million or however many orphans waiting? Why can’t Christians just take home 1… It is such a blessing. Not just the child blessing you get but oh how you see God. I know maybe some people arent meant to have children, but why not support a an adoption fundraiser…encourage a friend to adopt….advocate for waiting children. There are so many different ways to get involved.

When practicing pure and undefiled religion…I feel the prescence of the Lord in a way I have never felt before..he rocks me to my core.

Someone asked me the other day to tell them about this leap of faith I Took with Mia. I replied, ” give me a minute.” I didn’t know what to say…my leap of faith is nothing compared to others.

Two hours later I answered her…(changed slightly to protect the innocent)

Okay it’s been 2 hours. This question makes me cry. I am just going to bare my soul right here to you. When I saw Mia’s face….I knew… I knew..she was beautiful. My SW kept saying you don’t want a child like this. I kept saying yes I do! When I am given a file to review….I am looking at another human that deserves to be loved and have a family. A child that would sit at the foot of Jesus and be loved by Jesus. A child who may not be perfect in others eyes but perfect in mine. When My SW asked me if I would review ‘our next little ones’ file…I jumped at the chance. I got the file. And wowsers!! Some scary stuff…. But all I could hear in my head as I looked at her smiling face was…is that a reason not to adopt me? She can’t help these problems. God made her just like she was and then her birth mother had to say no. So she has sat and waited and waited…how many
people have said no? She sits and waits…and it kills me, I can’t say no. I didnt want to say no!!!! God pushed me to say yes. Will we have trials? Yes. But at the end of the day when she curls up in my arms..tired of doctors poking at her. She will snuggle in her mamas arms and know its forever.

How can my Jesus love and adopt me as his child? I am a special needs daughter..I Assure you…Jesus knows that. He will never turn his back on me. OR any orphan..he loves them all!

How many orphans are sitting and waiting?? There bright eyes looking at you saying …pick me..pick me!! Why?? We are on this earth for such a short time and as Christians we have one reach the lost. Why not start with the children? God knew. Jesus knew. We should know.

My friend that asked me this question about my leap of faith when choosing a waiting child, is deciding on a waiting child. A beautiful one….and guess what….she has the same name as my little girl.

Yes… That was a God wink…

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~Gotcha Day~

Waiting at the Starbucks, close to SWS….getting very nervous! Our shoes lined up outside the SWS playroom…

Mia loves her toys! She said Bye, she was going to her house, while we were filling out paperwork!

Mia’s forever parents and foster parents.

In the cab ..having a good time.

Getting a kiss from Daddy, as she is warming up to him.

Unloading at our hotel…

Gotcha Day will be forever known as June 2nd, 2011 for Mia Grace Heimee. She came to us a little tearful but we had to wait for a cab outside of SWS, because someone grabbed our cab just as we were coming out. THey called us another…This happened to be the craziest cab ride I had EVER taken..we were flying and honking and zipping thru traffic like crazy! I dont know if they told him to get out of there quick. But Mia loved it!! We laughed and played all the way here and went straight to our hotel room. She skyped with her brothers and sisters and a few friends. She was doing so great, I was really impressed. And then naptime came, and the grieving began. It took 45 minutes for her to take a nap and then she napped for an hour and a half. When she woke up, she was really grieving for her “Omma”. We then walked around Seoul for 3 hours, her in the carrier with me when she was happy and as soon as she would start to get upset she would want Kenny. I am trying to figure that one out, my only guess is when she is happy she doesnt feel like she is betraying her Omma with me but when she is sad she does feel that way and wants her Daddy. As soon as he reassures her, she jumps back to me. This is going to be very interesting to see HOW this unfolds.

The foster parents sent us with bags and bags full of her clothes, food, drinks, winter coat, shoes, gifts for us and for the kids. I will try and take pictures of it all when we get home. Mia wasnt doing well seeing her stuff so we had to cover it all, she was just trying to hold everything and sob. It just breaks my heart.

It is 8am here, she has been asleep since 8pm. She has cried out for Omma a few times, but I feel blessed she has been able to sleep so well. Praying the sleep will help her have a great day!

She is potty trained which we werent expecting. In the midst of her grieving, she still was asking to get on the potty! I was so proud of her. She is so smart.

She is so tiny! All the 18-24months I brought just fall off of her! I should have brought 12 or 18 months. My vote is 12months at this point.

I have been very emotional since we got her. My emotions remind me of how I felt when I had each one of my biological kids(dont be scared..not that bad). Thank you for all your prayers, comments on facebook, private messages and words of encouragement. This has been such a awesome and life changing experience and hearing from you throughout this week has been such a blessing.

God is with EVERY adoption…including yours..

I have said many times that God has been in this from the very start. We have so been quick to have everything happen. But I would like to clarify something here.

If your adoption take 6 months or 6 years….God is with you in that adoption.

If your adoption takes you longer because you dont have the money…God is with you in that adoption.

If your adoption takes 7 weeks, God is with you in that adoption.

God has a plan….his adoption of us and our adoption of others.

If God isnt a big part of your life and you adopt..he will show you his face.

Here is a letter I recieved from a complete stranger 2 days ago…I am keeping it anonymous.

I hope you don’t think this is too creepy, but I just had to send you an email! I am a fellow adoptive mom of a little girl born in Korea. My husband and I brought *edited* home from Korea in August of 2009. We finalized her adoption in mid February 2010 and I started checking the waiting child photo listings soon after that. I came across your daughter, Mia Grace’s photo when I started looking at the listings and I fell in love with her. I thought she was such a beautiful little girl and she looked so sweet. From the blurb that they had about her on the CHSFS website, her needs seemed manageable to me. She was born within a month of my daughter though (*edited* birthday is 10/10/08), so I knew the chances of being able to bring that little sweetheart into my family were slim.

In March 2010, I contacted *edited* at CHSFS and asked her if they would consider allowing us to look at the file and *edited* got back to me and said that *edited* and this little girl would be too close in age and they really didn’t think that would be best. I was kind of sad, but in my heart I knew it was for the best. For the next year, I would check the website and sure enough her little picture was still there. It broke my heart to see this child waiting on the photolisting. I am not a religious person at all, but there was this part of me that felt such a strong need to pray for this little girl and her forever family to find each other. I don’t think I have ever felt that way in my life and I am not sure why I felt such so strongly about praying for her. To this day, I cannot explain it. Needless to say, I was elated when I got to see “Matched” on her photolisting picture a few months ago. I was even more excited when I stumbled upon your blog (I don’t even know how I found it) and realized that your family was this child’s forever family.

I really hope I didn’t creep you out with my story – that was so not my intention. I guess what I really want to say to you is that I am so happy that you and your family were able to bring Mia Grace home!!! I wish you the best during your transition and I really look forward to following your blog. Adoption is a true miracle!!!


Now that is God…