~Silly Girl~

I had Mia dressed all cute in her new birthday outfit from Grandma and Grandpa. I took over 20 pictures and they were gone when I downloaded them onto my camera. Kenny had just came in and Mia said,”Daddy take Mia’s picture, he took 4 and they turned out perfect. Dont know what I was doing ??:)

Anyway her dress is soooo cute on her and fits her well. It was a 24 months. The sleeves were a little long but will definetly last through the winter! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!

Daddy giving Mia a little hug…hmmm is that some gray hair I see….;) I think it’s cute!

City of Children 2010

I have been thinking of what I would write in this blog for the mission trip to Mexico we just returned from. I am afraid my words will not do this trip justice.

This has been the best experience for myself, Chloe and Kenny. Chloe wants to skip Disney next year and all of us go to the City of Children. Chloe asked me how much was I willing to spend on her backpack. I said $20…she said can I have the cash instead to send to the orphanage and I will carry an old one. The orpahnage we stayed in is a wonderful wonderful place!! The kids are loved and taken care of. I cant believe the generosity I could see there. They came from sad homes but have been blessed by being at the City of Children.We built park benches for the orpahnage there.

On the first day I was there I did benevolence to members of the church in Manadero. I seriously cried for about 36 hours straight while I was there. I didnt know the commericals on TV were real. The poverty was real.

Kenny was in charge of construction. We drywalled and insulated a ladies house Mami Juanita. She was a lovely woman and had been a christian for many years.

GOD BLESS AMERICA! We dont even know how good we have it. Flushing toilet paper, having walls, having a floor, having food, having drinkable water!!!! Yes even the Mexicans cant drink their water!!!

I was trying to choose pictures for this blog…I cant choose. So here is a link to my facebook photo album where you can view them all, even if you dont have a facebook.
I do apologize that this blog isnt as great as my others. Maybe I can blog more about it later.

City of Children Album 1
City of Children Album 2

Tired of seeing my snow pictures…

Believe it or not I am not tired of seeing the snow…tired of everything being slick and being cancelled. We havent had co-op in 2 weeks. Family Game Night at our church was cancelled tonight…but friends called to invite us over and we are headed over there.

We do still have about 20 inches on the ground. We did have freezing rain the other night and that melted the snow down a little bit. I just hope it melts slowly so we dont flood everyone down south of us (where my family lives).

When this snow storm hit..we didnt even have a snow shovel..because who needs a shovel for 6-8 inches at a time..which is all we have had at once since we moved here!!! My mom did get the kids snow shovels. Thank good ness!! THey have helped.

But my hubby thought we needed more than a snow shovel and he got a Polaris 6×6!! Very awesome!! He is a plowing maniac!! Thought this photo was beautiful!!! Love my house!!

Natural Lifestyle…whats next?

As most of you know, we live a fairly natural lifestyle. We do eat natural food. We homeschool our wonderful kiddos.We have a huge organic garden every year.

  To name a few…

But my hubby has been enjoying our 12 acres and getting into the country living. He started with bees..yes Honey Bees. We have enjoyed a little honey from that.

Then we ordered hens..yes they were delivered in a box..baby chics. We did hatch 12 of them with our 4H group. We will do that again this year. As cute as can be. We now get about 40 eggs per day. And we sell ALOT of eggs…
But now onto our next endeavour ….Maple Sugaring. Last night after church someone loaned Kenny 6 Maple Taps….so at 10 pm last night..guess what Kenny was doing!!! Tapping a few maple trees and sure enough by today we had the maple syrupy water in our jugs. It takes 40 gallons to make 1 gallon of syrup. I think this will be alot of fun!!

Looking very cute by his maple syrup tap…anyway thought you might enjoy seeing what he was up to now. Hmm…wonder what it will be next? I have an idea…stay tuned.