Teen Banquet 2010

Last week I took Chloe, her “friend” Adam and another friend Carlos down to the Teen Banquet in WV. It was a 2 hour drive but we had alot of fun driving to down. Blake was a little on the bored side, but he was along for the ride. Chloe and Adam acting silly…

Beautiful kids and Beautiful view!!

Recieving her corsage…she was so embarrssed!!! I had to get a picture of that!!! Anyway over all they had a really good time..and I did my first match making with Carlos (20) and my friends daughter Chloe (19)…and so far successful!!:):)

Scrapbook Paper Beads

My friend Brenda and I have been planning Ladies Nights Out for church for the past year. We usually meet at restaraunts but decided to try something new to attract a new crowd!! And it worked!!

My friend Danielle is very crafty and makes all sorts of beautiful jewerly. She also likes to use odd things to create jewerly and with this craft she used double sided cardstock paper!!!

These are what the girls and I created!! I thought they were beautiful!:):)

These were so simple. First finding paper that was colored on both sides and the edges. Cutting small strip straight or at an angle..rolling them tight and glue!!!
Our next craft is going to be saran wrap beads….should be interesting!!

Ladies Renewal Weekend 2010

Chloe and attended the Ladies Retreat Weekend near Amish country this past weekend.!! It was alot of fun and I was excited to have Chloe along with me as teen girls are allowed. This year the them was “Diamonds in the Rough”. The decorating was beautiful. The women who plan this do a fabulous job planning it.
We went with a large caravan of 12 women. On the way we drove through Amish country and this was Chloe’s first trip and she loved it and cant wait to go back!:):)
Below is a picture of Chloe and I outside Der Dutchman with the beautiful view behind us. Posing with Jennifer (friend from high school), Jill Treadway and a great friend Tina Parks!

This was our group and one other van from West Virginia that came!:) It was so uplifting!:)

Chloe P and Chloe R ….posing at the Der Dutchman Restaurant.

And the winner is….

Here are some of our awards! I am sure I am leaving something out..but I will try and catch it all!!!! Chloe won 3rd place scrapbooking, Platinum Good Samaritan, Bronze Advanced Puppets, Bronze Advanced Speech, Bible Bowl Finalist.

Blake won Advanced Puppets, Platinum Good Samaritan, SPEECH FINALIST, Bible Bowl Finalist.

Camye won 1st place Scrapbooking, 2nd place photography, Platinum Good Samaritan, 3rd Place puppet team!!!!

Our 8th grade bible bowl team….FINALISTS!!!

Blake was soo proud to be a speech finalist. He was up against some FABULOUS competetion. They were sooo good!!! Even though he didnt win, he held up his finalist trophy. Being a finalist meant he was top 6 of about 15-20 other 5th grade boys!! He was soo excited about this, he would like to participate in Advanced Speech this next year!

Chloe recieved 3rd place in Scrapbooking. She did an awesome job and is looking forward to next year!!

Camye recieved 1st place in Scrapbooking, which means for the next 3 years she will be in Winners Circle Scrapbooking with all the other First Place winner!!!!

Camye recieved 2nd place Photography!!!WOOHOO!!!! Gooo Camye!! I will post her picture later! I just need to find it….

3rd place Washington, PA!!!!!!!!!!WOOOHOOO!!!!!! These kids deserved this. We were soooo hard on this and to actually place in our first year of puppets!! I think is WONDERFUL!!


Our Bible Bowl team…8th grade team!!! With 5th grader on it..:):)

Chloe, Blake and Camye were all 3 Platinum winners for Good Samaritan.

Lads to Leaders Nashville Convention 2010

Lads to Leaders and Leaderettes Nashville Convention 2010 was sooo awesome!!! This was our first year to have a banner and Chloe and her friend Abbie Lippincott got to carry it in this year!!! I think the banner looked great and matched our shirts great!! Here is a picture of the kids that attended!! I am not sure why it is so small!! But adding pictures with my dial up takes me soooo long!!

This year we had 2 puppet teams….8th grade team performing America’s Got Faith.

And our award winning 3rd grade team….

Paul and his best bud Levi!!!!

Part of our group on the way down at a rest stop!!! Lots of fun all weekend!! at an awesome resort Gaylord Opryland Hotel!!

Cant wait till next year…but for now I am retiring for several months.

Medieval Times: Castles

WOW!! These kids blew my mind today!!!! This Is really all I can say about my 6th-8th grade and 4th-5th grade Medieval Times class. These kids are soooo excited about learning and creating. They are all just great kids!!Our assignment this week was to build a castle to the best of your ability. We had every kind of imaginable castles from gingerbread to cardboard. They were FABULOUS!!!!

This was a Jacob and Nathan Bairen’s gingerbread castle. This was great. I will uploading a video later (when I get to a computer with high speed) to show you how 40 homeschool kids can attack a castle and WIN!!!! LOL!!!!
Below is Chloe and Blake’s castle, Blake spent his birthday money to purchase a lego Medival Times set. BUT when Chloe was cleaning last week she threw it away, after much prodding to use your imagination. They created this. I am really proud of them. Only one castaphore that happened on the way to co~op this morning, we were running a bit late. Camye ran into the van and ran right into the castle knocked half of it outside the van in the gravel….!!! We were able to recover!!!

Besides Blakes castle, is Alayna Stahlman’s castle. And believe this or not….it was a cake. Alayna and her mother made this and it was awesome!!

I added Tessa’s cute castle in here!! Because it was very creative and I know her mom is an avid stalker of my blogs!!!!:):):)

Here is Chloe with our castle..I have no idea why it is smaller:??????

Campus Martius

The same day we visited The Castle we also visited Campus Martius in Marietta, Ohio. Campus Martius was a 1788 fort for pioneers. It was soo awesome!! What was even greater for me, was when I was in the 3rd grade and we lived in Marietta, I went on this field trip with my 3rd grade class. It really has changed they had sooo much more!!

Below, Chloe is getting to use a weaving machine.

The kids also pariticpated in candle making…very interesting process.

Blake and Reese weaving by hand.:)

This real Indian fellow…showed the kids the weapons and marched them around with these massive heavy wooden guns!!!

Paul was just too cute…and so excited to be a big kid!!

oops….enemy crossing…Paul is taking care of it.

Chloe was behind this tree trunk….it was supposed to be over 400 years old.

They had time period clothes in all sizes…although Camye and Paul were the only two that took advantage.:)


The Castle~~~Marietta, Ohio

Last week we went on a great educational field trip to “The Castle”. It was so much fun!!! We went with a homeschool group from Marietta that we do not belong too but one of my best friends runs it!! So I got in on this field trip.

I thought they could have been a little more creative with the name.???

Part of the group that went.:)

The kids made Kaliedoscopes that were treasured toys in the early 1800’s.

They also made a meal in the summer kitchen. They made beef stew in the brick fireplace which was an original, baked cornbread and applesauce cake on hot coals (very interesting.) I always wondered how they baked without an oven. They also made their butter. I only have pics of Camye and Blake doing this because I was in their group.
Also I have no pictures inside the castle because of the pictures causing the artifacts to age. It was soooo beautiful!!! I love American History!!!

1st Annual 4H Pumpkin Contest

This year all the local 4 clubs were offered pumpkin plants to grow and hopefully recieve the Grand Prize for….$500. Ours weighed in at a whopping 9 pounds!! The winners weighed 322 pounds!!! Chesapeake Energy donated $2000 for this party and it was a great party!!

Camye and her new friend Le-Lan from Texas:)

Our pumpkin may have weighed 9 pounds but it did win for the roundest pumpkin!!!

They also had a decorated pumpkin contest…we didnt win. But we sure had fun trying!! Chloe and her bunny pumpkin!!

Blake and his Cat in the Hat pumpkin!!

Camye and her “Pinkalicious” ballerina, princess, fairy pumpkin

Paul and his apple with worms:)

There was also a Club Scarecrow contest. Our club wasnt entering one but since Chloe is planning on running for president this year she thought she would try to win the club the prize of $75!!! She didnt win!! But she did a fantastic job on her scarecrow!!

Last but not least, they had “Food Fear Factor”. Only 10 participants, were chosen. Of course, my kids were picked but then 9 kids dropped out when they first saw the food, including my kids. So they asked if any adults would like to join in!! Of course,….Kenny did. He and another contestant both ate raw oysters, beef tongue, beef testicles, white fish, anchovies, a cup of buttermilk, a cup of mineral oil and a LIVE gold fish!!!

Both contestants won $25..which Kenny then donated to our 4H club! He put on a great show!!