Homeschool Co-op Classes 2010-2011

We had our planning meeting last night!! First I want to say how blessed to be able to belong to a group that gets along soooo well. I appreciate that sooo much!!!

Here goes:

k-1st grade– Paul will be a Kindergartner!!

Story time J.Drilak Five Senses H. Hamilton
Gym—–Full year —–P. Costello
Phonics Fun S Barkey Nursery Rhymes Literature Pockets ME!!!
Art P Costello Science: Flora And ?? M Ruffing

2nd-3rd grades

I actually do not have a child in this group!!! Only one though!!

4th and 5th grades– Camye

Literature- Full year- G. Stahlman
Geology- K.Cornelius Pioneer Days- S. Barkey
Gym——–Full year
Natural Disasters- T. Bairen Intro to Speech R.McClowsky

6th-8th grades -Blake

Revolutionary War/What is America- Me, S Barkey and H Hamilton/ Recent Hist. K Ford
Literature——Full year—-G. Stahlman
Natural Disasters- T. Bairen Health/Cooking- T. Bairen
Gym Chemistry- A. Page

High School- CHLOE!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it? This co-op is designed for homeschoolers and makes it so easy to homeschool in high school.

Debate A. Hillberry/ Economics L. Bodine Ethics- J. Dullis
English- Full Year—R. McClowsky
Biology Lab- Full Year–K. Ford or Life Skills- Full year D. Shrump
Yearbook-Full Year- D.Shrump or Young Men After God’s Own Heart or Young Women after God’s Own Heart-ME!!!!

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated on teaching Young Women After God’s Own Heart?? PLease..I beg you.

Medieval Times: Castles

WOW!! These kids blew my mind today!!!! This Is really all I can say about my 6th-8th grade and 4th-5th grade Medieval Times class. These kids are soooo excited about learning and creating. They are all just great kids!!Our assignment this week was to build a castle to the best of your ability. We had every kind of imaginable castles from gingerbread to cardboard. They were FABULOUS!!!!

This was a Jacob and Nathan Bairen’s gingerbread castle. This was great. I will uploading a video later (when I get to a computer with high speed) to show you how 40 homeschool kids can attack a castle and WIN!!!! LOL!!!!
Below is Chloe and Blake’s castle, Blake spent his birthday money to purchase a lego Medival Times set. BUT when Chloe was cleaning last week she threw it away, after much prodding to use your imagination. They created this. I am really proud of them. Only one castaphore that happened on the way to co~op this morning, we were running a bit late. Camye ran into the van and ran right into the castle knocked half of it outside the van in the gravel….!!! We were able to recover!!!

Besides Blakes castle, is Alayna Stahlman’s castle. And believe this or not….it was a cake. Alayna and her mother made this and it was awesome!!

I added Tessa’s cute castle in here!! Because it was very creative and I know her mom is an avid stalker of my blogs!!!!:):):)

Here is Chloe with our castle..I have no idea why it is smaller:??????

Thanksgiving Thursday!!!

Here it is….
1. I am thankful for Apple Cider Vinegar, Alcohol and Peroxide that just washed off the black sharpy off of Pauls face, legs, arms and fingers.
2. I am thankful for my hubby and kiddos. They complete me. Yes I know I stole that from a movie but its true.
3. I am thankful for the L2L convention and the Ladies Renewal. They both have renewed me. I love it when that happens.
4. I am thankful for my Chronological bible that my Kennys mom got me for Christmas and I have just now been delving into it.
5.  I am thankful for my kids excitement to work on Lads to Leaders projects. Of course we are done with school books for the year other than Math. We still have to do school until May 8th to get our 180 days in. And I told them come up with something or I will pull out next years books. Chloe and Blake have started their websites for Mass Media. Chloe, Blake and Camye have all started their Faith Is The Victory speech. Chloe has decided to do Advanced Speech and has started 1 of 6 of her speeches she has to perform. We are also doing several other events but these are the ones they have started and all count as school. I really like the ones we do at home. Too many kids performing at the same time became an issue for us at the last L2L convention. Oh back to Thanksgiving Thursday….
6. I am thankful for MOPS and our grape slushie group. We are meeting today at Sonic for Happy Hour…1/2 price drinks and slushes.!!
7. I am thankful for Homeschooling, I know I say this every week. But I am.
8. I am thankful for my van…its old but it runs and is paid off!!! I think I may drive it forever.
9.  I am thankful for Robin McClowsky who does all the organizing of our Homeschool Co-op in Washington. She is great!!
10. I am thankful for the 2 little hamsters that have made my kids millienum. They are sooo thrilled with their little pets and are showing real responsibilty. Could be that mom said…if she ends up taking them..they are out the door..LOL!!