The Castle~~~Marietta, Ohio

Last week we went on a great educational field trip to “The Castle”. It was so much fun!!! We went with a homeschool group from Marietta that we do not belong too but one of my best friends runs it!! So I got in on this field trip.

I thought they could have been a little more creative with the name.???

Part of the group that went.:)

The kids made Kaliedoscopes that were treasured toys in the early 1800’s.

They also made a meal in the summer kitchen. They made beef stew in the brick fireplace which was an original, baked cornbread and applesauce cake on hot coals (very interesting.) I always wondered how they baked without an oven. They also made their butter. I only have pics of Camye and Blake doing this because I was in their group.
Also I have no pictures inside the castle because of the pictures causing the artifacts to age. It was soooo beautiful!!! I love American History!!!

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