Trip to the Good Zoo

The kids and I went on an awesome field trip with our homeschool 4H club to the Olgebay Good Zoo. It was for Blakes Herpetology class but all the kids go to enjoy the field trip. I sometimes cant believe what Chloe does for a good photo-op!!!

Paul was so interested in this class, he did drop a snake on the floor one time because he was so nervous!!

Camye loves to play at the Imagine Vet Hospital. She loves to take care of animals.

Nathan Barkey, Paul and his fave webkinz Chocolate Bar and Blake watching the snakes and teachers!!

Amelia, Ashlee and Camye.

Blake was having a blast with his friends!!

Paul posing in front of the lillies..I need to get down a little earlier next year because they were all about gone.!!!

Crafty Fun at Homeschool 4H

Today was finally a day out…everything has been cancelled all month!! But 4h was a go today! Blake is taking a Herpetology class…which I did not know what that even meant but it is the study of Reptiles. As much as I dont like reptiles, his class is awesome and has great field trips in the future. The class is also making a lapbook (great for the portfolio). Camye started Jewerly making class today!! And it was awesome!!
Above is Camye and her friend Ashlee, waiting for it to begin.

Camye made a beautiful keychain where we learned all sorts of different techniques. Yes her lips are chapped and she wont quit licking them!!

Cute as a button!!!Notice her cute ring ..Ashlee made her an adorable rosering made out of pipe cleaners!!!

Chloe our Heart and Home 4h President, she did an excellent job today! She is finishing a course in Rocketry. It was a 2 semester class.
A great day to be OUT of the house!! Now hoping and praying co-op wont be cancelled in the morning…doesnt looking promising..4-6 inches tonight!!! and more in the morning!!

4H Ice Skating = Fun Fun Fun!!!

Our Heart and Home 4H club went ice skating in mid December! We really had a great time! Even I got out their to ice skate…a little scary….I did fall twice…but finally caught on.:) Chloe was flying around that rink!!


Blake and his buddy Jacob…they were diving, flying, skating, running, rolling the rink!! They would both be great hockey players:)

Camye was a little shaky at first and her Paul were using these walkers to get around!! I highly recommend these for all!!!:)

1st Annual 4H Pumpkin Contest

This year all the local 4 clubs were offered pumpkin plants to grow and hopefully recieve the Grand Prize for….$500. Ours weighed in at a whopping 9 pounds!! The winners weighed 322 pounds!!! Chesapeake Energy donated $2000 for this party and it was a great party!!

Camye and her new friend Le-Lan from Texas:)

Our pumpkin may have weighed 9 pounds but it did win for the roundest pumpkin!!!

They also had a decorated pumpkin contest…we didnt win. But we sure had fun trying!! Chloe and her bunny pumpkin!!

Blake and his Cat in the Hat pumpkin!!

Camye and her “Pinkalicious” ballerina, princess, fairy pumpkin

Paul and his apple with worms:)

There was also a Club Scarecrow contest. Our club wasnt entering one but since Chloe is planning on running for president this year she thought she would try to win the club the prize of $75!!! She didnt win!! But she did a fantastic job on her scarecrow!!

Last but not least, they had “Food Fear Factor”. Only 10 participants, were chosen. Of course, my kids were picked but then 9 kids dropped out when they first saw the food, including my kids. So they asked if any adults would like to join in!! Of course,….Kenny did. He and another contestant both ate raw oysters, beef tongue, beef testicles, white fish, anchovies, a cup of buttermilk, a cup of mineral oil and a LIVE gold fish!!!

Both contestants won $25..which Kenny then donated to our 4H club! He put on a great show!!

Thanksgiving Thursday

I am thankful for:
1. My kids- this has been an emotional week for me. But my kids are so wonderful.
2. My lovable, snuggable hubby.
3. that Friday is only a day away.
4. That Saturday has nothing…I mean nothing written on the calander. We rarely have days like that. My husband is thrilled. A couple things have come up but I have said no to them because Soccer starts next week and that means every Saturday will taken with Blakes soccer games, which we love.
5. For 4H- today is our “Heart and Home” 4H Club meeting. We do have the most awesomist club. My older three kids are taking candy making. Their teacher is great.
6. My new purse- I just got my first Vera Bradley purse and I love it.
7. ┬áJon and Kate Plus 8 and 18 Kids and Counting—-because they actually give us a G Rated television show that we can all watch together in the evenings. I am not sure there is another show on in the evenings that my kids can watch.
8. Chloe’s speech- she gave her Lads to Leaders Speech last night to our Ladies class at church. She was nervous but did great. In PA to get a accredited high school diploma, she must give a speech every year. There are other places that our homeschoolers give speeches. But Lads to Leaders at our church has the most awesome teachers!!!! So I dont have to teach her…I love it when thinks count double.
9. Rain- we needed rain so bad. The ground was cracking. Of course now it will probably rain every other day till June..but I will take it:):)
10. DVR- it is really nice to be able tape good wholesome shows:):)