Campus Martius

The same day we visited The Castle we also visited Campus Martius in Marietta, Ohio. Campus Martius was a 1788 fort for pioneers. It was soo awesome!! What was even greater for me, was when I was in the 3rd grade and we lived in Marietta, I went on this field trip with my 3rd grade class. It really has changed they had sooo much more!!

Below, Chloe is getting to use a weaving machine.

The kids also pariticpated in candle making…very interesting process.

Blake and Reese weaving by hand.:)

This real Indian fellow…showed the kids the weapons and marched them around with these massive heavy wooden guns!!!

Paul was just too cute…and so excited to be a big kid!!

oops….enemy crossing…Paul is taking care of it.

Chloe was behind this tree trunk….it was supposed to be over 400 years old.

They had time period clothes in all sizes…although Camye and Paul were the only two that took advantage.:)


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