Scrapbook Paper Beads

My friend Brenda and I have been planning Ladies Nights Out for church for the past year. We usually meet at restaraunts but decided to try something new to attract a new crowd!! And it worked!!

My friend Danielle is very crafty and makes all sorts of beautiful jewerly. She also likes to use odd things to create jewerly and with this craft she used double sided cardstock paper!!!

These are what the girls and I created!! I thought they were beautiful!:):)

These were so simple. First finding paper that was colored on both sides and the edges. Cutting small strip straight or at an angle..rolling them tight and glue!!!
Our next craft is going to be saran wrap beads….should be interesting!!

One thought on “Scrapbook Paper Beads

  1. Those are beautiful! From the picture you can't tell they're paper. They look like glass beads. I think a full tutorial post is in order here! If you all enjoyed making them, I'd consider an Etsy shop for them.

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