The Ultimate Amish/Homeschool Experience

We just got back from a fabulous field trip to Amish country. I have been to Amish country a hundred times but this was fabulously organized by a great friend Kathy Haggerty. This was the sunrise on the second morning we were there. My mom came up to go with us and we traveled in my fabulous 12 passenger van with 12 friends and family!! Camye being wrapped in a horse blanked by our great Amish friend Jonas.:) He was soooo entertaining, telling us about his and Edna’s RUMSPRINGA.

Camye, Ashlee and there new Amish friend.:)

The Old Order Amish offered to sing for us while we ate their fabulous, traditonal Amish meal…fried chicken, meatballs, salad, noodles, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, tapioca pudding and pies….

Camye and a great friend Hannah:)

Paul was most excited over the Amish dog…:)

Cant wait for next year…. we will have our new little Kenny will have to come with me!!

Ladies Renewal Weekend 2010

Chloe and attended the Ladies Retreat Weekend near Amish country this past weekend.!! It was alot of fun and I was excited to have Chloe along with me as teen girls are allowed. This year the them was “Diamonds in the Rough”. The decorating was beautiful. The women who plan this do a fabulous job planning it.
We went with a large caravan of 12 women. On the way we drove through Amish country and this was Chloe’s first trip and she loved it and cant wait to go back!:):)
Below is a picture of Chloe and I outside Der Dutchman with the beautiful view behind us. Posing with Jennifer (friend from high school), Jill Treadway and a great friend Tina Parks!

This was our group and one other van from West Virginia that came!:) It was so uplifting!:)

Chloe P and Chloe R ….posing at the Der Dutchman Restaurant.

Paul ~~ as cute as ever!!

I thought this was the sweetest picture. When my mom and I went to Amish country the other day, I purchased 2 bushels of apples, one for applesauce and the other were Honeycrisp…our all time favorite apples for dried apples and to eat fresh!!

The other day I found Paul in one of the bags of appes …yelling, “Help the baby is stuck in the apples.!!!” He is soo cute and adorable!!! I love how he refers to himself as the baby at times and at other times tells me to keep it a secret!!

What’s going on???

This is probably going to be the most boring blog yet…no pictures…!!

I thought I would post what has been going on in the Rogers Household. SOCCER!! I feel we have been eating, breatheing and living soccer!!! We have a new coach this year!!! And to quote Chloe, ” He is awesome.” Last year we won the first game in 3 years….this year The Homeschool Hornets are 3-1-1!!! I am so excited for the kids!!!

Also we have started Lads to Leaders, it seems the kids are doing all of the activities!! Recenetly, the kids have done Know the Books, Good Samaritan, Bible Bowl, Scrapbooking, Mass Media (editorials), Speech, Pearls…I will post another blog just on L2L activites.

And….my mom and I went to Amish Country last weekend, just her and I. We stayed the night and shopped all the next day!! It was soooo much fun. My moms first trip there!! She deserved it! She does so much for everyone else.!!