Medieval Times: Castles

WOW!! These kids blew my mind today!!!! This Is really all I can say about my 6th-8th grade and 4th-5th grade Medieval Times class. These kids are soooo excited about learning and creating. They are all just great kids!!Our assignment this week was to build a castle to the best of your ability. We had every kind of imaginable castles from gingerbread to cardboard. They were FABULOUS!!!!

This was a Jacob and Nathan Bairen’s gingerbread castle. This was great. I will uploading a video later (when I get to a computer with high speed) to show you how 40 homeschool kids can attack a castle and WIN!!!! LOL!!!!
Below is Chloe and Blake’s castle, Blake spent his birthday money to purchase a lego Medival Times set. BUT when Chloe was cleaning last week she threw it away, after much prodding to use your imagination. They created this. I am really proud of them. Only one castaphore that happened on the way to co~op this morning, we were running a bit late. Camye ran into the van and ran right into the castle knocked half of it outside the van in the gravel….!!! We were able to recover!!!

Besides Blakes castle, is Alayna Stahlman’s castle. And believe this or not….it was a cake. Alayna and her mother made this and it was awesome!!

I added Tessa’s cute castle in here!! Because it was very creative and I know her mom is an avid stalker of my blogs!!!!:):):)

Here is Chloe with our castle..I have no idea why it is smaller:??????

3 thoughts on “Medieval Times: Castles

  1. I love my blog stalkers that comment. Its the blog stalkers you know that are reading but dont comment that irritate me!!LOL!~!!!! or scare me!!Kenny may run up the church building later to upload that video..we cant do anything here!!!!

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