And the winner is….

Here are some of our awards! I am sure I am leaving something out..but I will try and catch it all!!!! Chloe won 3rd place scrapbooking, Platinum Good Samaritan, Bronze Advanced Puppets, Bronze Advanced Speech, Bible Bowl Finalist.

Blake won Advanced Puppets, Platinum Good Samaritan, SPEECH FINALIST, Bible Bowl Finalist.

Camye won 1st place Scrapbooking, 2nd place photography, Platinum Good Samaritan, 3rd Place puppet team!!!!

Our 8th grade bible bowl team….FINALISTS!!!

Blake was soo proud to be a speech finalist. He was up against some FABULOUS competetion. They were sooo good!!! Even though he didnt win, he held up his finalist trophy. Being a finalist meant he was top 6 of about 15-20 other 5th grade boys!! He was soo excited about this, he would like to participate in Advanced Speech this next year!

Chloe recieved 3rd place in Scrapbooking. She did an awesome job and is looking forward to next year!!

Camye recieved 1st place in Scrapbooking, which means for the next 3 years she will be in Winners Circle Scrapbooking with all the other First Place winner!!!!

Camye recieved 2nd place Photography!!!WOOHOO!!!! Gooo Camye!! I will post her picture later! I just need to find it….

3rd place Washington, PA!!!!!!!!!!WOOOHOOO!!!!!! These kids deserved this. We were soooo hard on this and to actually place in our first year of puppets!! I think is WONDERFUL!!


Our Bible Bowl team…8th grade team!!! With 5th grader on it..:):)

Chloe, Blake and Camye were all 3 Platinum winners for Good Samaritan.

2 thoughts on “And the winner is….

  1. Thanks for the comment. I enjoy seeing your pictures too. And I am reading right that you guys came all the way from Pennslyvania? Wow! Congrats on your kids accomplishments!

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