1st Annual 4H Pumpkin Contest

This year all the local 4 clubs were offered pumpkin plants to grow and hopefully recieve the Grand Prize for….$500. Ours weighed in at a whopping 9 pounds!! The winners weighed 322 pounds!!! Chesapeake Energy donated $2000 for this party and it was a great party!!

Camye and her new friend Le-Lan from Texas:)

Our pumpkin may have weighed 9 pounds but it did win for the roundest pumpkin!!!

They also had a decorated pumpkin contest…we didnt win. But we sure had fun trying!! Chloe and her bunny pumpkin!!

Blake and his Cat in the Hat pumpkin!!

Camye and her “Pinkalicious” ballerina, princess, fairy pumpkin

Paul and his apple with worms:)

There was also a Club Scarecrow contest. Our club wasnt entering one but since Chloe is planning on running for president this year she thought she would try to win the club the prize of $75!!! She didnt win!! But she did a fantastic job on her scarecrow!!

Last but not least, they had “Food Fear Factor”. Only 10 participants, were chosen. Of course, my kids were picked but then 9 kids dropped out when they first saw the food, including my kids. So they asked if any adults would like to join in!! Of course,….Kenny did. He and another contestant both ate raw oysters, beef tongue, beef testicles, white fish, anchovies, a cup of buttermilk, a cup of mineral oil and a LIVE gold fish!!!

Both contestants won $25..which Kenny then donated to our 4H club! He put on a great show!!

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