The Ultimate Amish/Homeschool Experience

We just got back from a fabulous field trip to Amish country. I have been to Amish country a hundred times but this was fabulously organized by a great friend Kathy Haggerty. This was the sunrise on the second morning we were there. My mom came up to go with us and we traveled in my fabulous 12 passenger van with 12 friends and family!! Camye being wrapped in a horse blanked by our great Amish friend Jonas.:) He was soooo entertaining, telling us about his and Edna’s RUMSPRINGA.

Camye, Ashlee and there new Amish friend.:)

The Old Order Amish offered to sing for us while we ate their fabulous, traditonal Amish meal…fried chicken, meatballs, salad, noodles, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, tapioca pudding and pies….

Camye and a great friend Hannah:)

Paul was most excited over the Amish dog…:)

Cant wait for next year…. we will have our new little Kenny will have to come with me!!

Trip to the Good Zoo

The kids and I went on an awesome field trip with our homeschool 4H club to the Olgebay Good Zoo. It was for Blakes Herpetology class but all the kids go to enjoy the field trip. I sometimes cant believe what Chloe does for a good photo-op!!!

Paul was so interested in this class, he did drop a snake on the floor one time because he was so nervous!!

Camye loves to play at the Imagine Vet Hospital. She loves to take care of animals.

Nathan Barkey, Paul and his fave webkinz Chocolate Bar and Blake watching the snakes and teachers!!

Amelia, Ashlee and Camye.

Blake was having a blast with his friends!!

Paul posing in front of the lillies..I need to get down a little earlier next year because they were all about gone.!!!

Campus Martius

The same day we visited The Castle we also visited Campus Martius in Marietta, Ohio. Campus Martius was a 1788 fort for pioneers. It was soo awesome!! What was even greater for me, was when I was in the 3rd grade and we lived in Marietta, I went on this field trip with my 3rd grade class. It really has changed they had sooo much more!!

Below, Chloe is getting to use a weaving machine.

The kids also pariticpated in candle making…very interesting process.

Blake and Reese weaving by hand.:)

This real Indian fellow…showed the kids the weapons and marched them around with these massive heavy wooden guns!!!

Paul was just too cute…and so excited to be a big kid!!

oops….enemy crossing…Paul is taking care of it.

Chloe was behind this tree trunk….it was supposed to be over 400 years old.

They had time period clothes in all sizes…although Camye and Paul were the only two that took advantage.:)


The Castle~~~Marietta, Ohio

Last week we went on a great educational field trip to “The Castle”. It was so much fun!!! We went with a homeschool group from Marietta that we do not belong too but one of my best friends runs it!! So I got in on this field trip.

I thought they could have been a little more creative with the name.???

Part of the group that went.:)

The kids made Kaliedoscopes that were treasured toys in the early 1800’s.

They also made a meal in the summer kitchen. They made beef stew in the brick fireplace which was an original, baked cornbread and applesauce cake on hot coals (very interesting.) I always wondered how they baked without an oven. They also made their butter. I only have pics of Camye and Blake doing this because I was in their group.
Also I have no pictures inside the castle because of the pictures causing the artifacts to age. It was soooo beautiful!!! I love American History!!!

Idlewild~~SoakZone~~~Storybook Forrest

Our family headed to Idlewild/SoakZone/StoryBook Forest Labor Day weekend….the Saturday before Labor Day is known as “Church of Christ” day. So a bunch of us take advantage of the discount and head that way every year. This is our 4th year to go!! We all take crockpots of food and set up in a pavillion, so we eat for free all day!!!

Our family standing outside the entrance of Storybook Forrest:)

The FIRST and ONLY request for Paul of the day…I need to get in the balls!!

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe….

Paul pulling a heavy load…

Blake having fun at Soakzone!!!

Camye jumping around..:)

My kids and Adam and Jonah Armstrong!!!

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie…

Today we start we start school, soccer, Kenny has outpatient surgery and the Frankferd co-op order comes in. So this is a very busy day. I would like add that Kenny was added as a deacon at our congregation yesterday morning. I am so proud of him!

Last week we went to this cute play, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie…at Little Lake Theatre. The kids have always loved this book.

These were the 2 stars. The kids loved it and after it they all felt like they met ‘movie stars’!!

Little Lake Theatre is a dinner theatre, although this play was only an hour so dinner was served. You can see my 4 kids at the first table but our group was about 25 and extended as far as you can see in the picture.:)

Stay tuned for the Pinkalicious Tea Party we are attending at Little Lake Theatre in October. The girls are ecstatic! Thanks to my great friend Tracy who does all the planning for our outings.

Olgebay Good Zoo

Well I have been going field trip crazy here!! But we are having so much fun!:)We decided to purchase a zoo pass this year. Thursday we headed to the Olgebay Good Zoo, it is a very nice little zoo and only about 20 minutes from our house

They have a little animal hospital that the kids loved doctoring up there animals there.:)

They had this bird aviar that was really awesome..the birds were landing all over us!!

Paul and Camye were so nervous to let a bird land on them but they did it!!! IT was really cool!:)

Blake was a little nervous as well but did great:) Thanks to my friend Sandra that was helping them with the birds.

The zoo had just got in a 18 foot python….very…big..:)

It was great fun and counts as school. We did find out that starting in 7th grade they have a volunteer program. Chloe is VERY interested in this, so we will see if she decides to do this.:)

Fun at the Park..:)

The entire Rogers Family are officially Roller Coaster riders!!! I didnt think it was going to happen. But Paul and Camye surprised us all by wanting to ride the roller coasters and were actually sad they werent tall enough for some!!

We all went to Kennywood earlier this month with new friends that just moved here from Florida and another family from our church. Our families mesh very easily!! We all had such an awesome time!

Paul and Camye on the elephants!!

I kow I can not believe I put this picture of myself on here. But I thought it was too hilarious to pass up!! Thank goodness for that water proof camera. Kenny took it on all the water rides and this is once when my friend Sandra and I were hit by a waterfall!! Yes we look like we are enjoying ourselves a tad…ya think???

Camye and her new friend Emelia!!

Paul right after the waterfall…He is just the most adorable baby!!!

Blake on Raging Rapids….he had a great time with his friend Jacob, who totally encouraged him to ride his first roller coaster as well!!

For some reason..Camye thought it was HILARIOUS that me and Miss Sandra were getting drenched.

Soaking wet and still beautiful!! We invited another family from church too so that Chloe would have someone to ride with…I didnt get any good shots of them together. But that is Chloes friend Kianna right behind her..:):)

Paul riding his “Bengal Tiger”…Paul has loved he refers to them since he was barely a year old.

Paul and his little friend Elaina…are just hilarious together!!! I mean hilarious. They walked in our church the other day and were waving hysterically at one another…unfortunatley we were in the fourth pew from the front!!! They do play great together!!