Thanksgiving Thursday!!

WOW!! How 7 days can make a difference in my life!!??

7 days ago….we recieved a precious blessing straight from God. I dont feel that I deserve to be this blessed.

I am so thankful for God giving us the oppurtunity, debt free to adopt the most adorable little girl. She is such a joy! Never in my life could I have expected things to go as smoothly as they have. She is so loving. She is always kissing or tickling someone. Her sibilings adore her!! We adore her.

I am thankful for:
~Her kisses
~Her hugs
~Her laughter
~Her sleeping;)
~that she is Miss Personality
~her teeny tinyness
~how she loves toys
~her attachment
~how wonderfully she has bonded with everyone

I am so thankful for this exceptional blessing. Thanks for everyone for following and praying for our journey! I really have felt the prayers, there is no way this would have gone so smoothly without them.

Thanksgiving Thursday!!

I have to much to blessed with….here are 10 random things.

1. My husband- My perfect helpmeet
2.My kids are just simply awesome! ALL 5 of them!:)
3. A quick trip to the ER proved nothing to be wrong other than I am a little anxious..Imagine that!?
4. Great friends, that call at just the right time!
5. Being home…there is nothing like it!
6. Being done with school for all 4 kids on May 12th!!! I love homeschooling!
7. Our little farmette
8. A social worker answering your emails:)
9. MAY is the month before we will get TRAVEL CALL!!
10.Our Lord Jesus Christ

Thanksgiving Thursday!!

I am so blessed!! This is so easy for me to write this week!!

I am so thankful for….

~Recieved fingerprinting appointments today for May 3rd. We are going to try to go in early because we will be on vacation until May 4th, we have heard this may not be possible but it is only 40 minutes away and the worse thing they can say is NO and we will come home early.

~Our front porch construction which has begun!

~Our great friends and church family and a fabulous trip to Nashville, next week.

~Warmer weather and beautiful blooming flowers

~All my new adopting friends, its amazing how many could possibly be traveling at the same time we are!!:) ~Jesus Christ our saviour.

Thanksgiving Thursday!!

1. I am so thankful for the this little eye. It just steals my Seoul…;) (Okay I removed if you saw her eye…it was up for only a short time. I wasnt sure if I wanted to share just yet.:) Sorry maybe next week or in the next few months I can share her videos. She is absolutley ADORABLE!!!!!

2. I love my co-op! We had our annual planning meeting this week and I am excited for next year. I am teaching Creation Science to 4th-5th graders and 7th-8th graders. I am also teaching Animal Science to K-1st grades!! We even arranged our classes to allow growth instead of having such a long waiting list. Now we can have even if over 50 families isnt large enough.:)
3. I love picking out baby names again!!! Any ideas?
4. I am so thankful for starting a new bible study..studying the book of Jonah on Wednesday night.
5. I am so thankful for FAMILY!!!
6. I am thankful for Chloe having such awesome friends..even if they want to get together ALL THE TIME!! They are all such great friends!!!
7. I am thankful for my new friends that are on the same Korean timeline as I am.
8. I am thankful I have lost a total of 16 pounds this week. My goal is to not be the fatest person in Korea when I go over there…:):):)
9. I am thankful for Little Blessings Dressings Resale that I am volunteering at next week!
10. I am thankful the wonderful and blessed life that I live!!!!!

Thanksgiving Thursday!!

Thanksgiving Thursday!!! Its been a long time since I have done this….

I am so thankful for…

1. HIGH SPEED INTERNET- Who would have thought that living in ‘my’ kind of country..3 miles from the mall, 3 miles from interstate and 10 minutes from Walmart..that we just now are able to get high speed internet!! Praise God!! I know I I should blog more. Ha…its still takes time..and I am busy busy busy!!!

2. We have been reviewing a precious baby girl’s file since Tuesday…DETAILS TO COME. Since I know most of you are checking back daily…you know who you are.;) I will say this..she laughs and laughs and laughs..her videos are adorable!!!

3. All the orders I have recieved for my dresses!!

4. My great friend Tonya who reviewed all the medical results with me on Wednesday morning…even thought she was sick.

5. My mom..who is without a doubt the most loving and giving person I have ever known…she cares for so many people….:) If I can only be half the mom she is…:)

6. Outlet mall!!!! I LOVE MY TANGER SHOPPING EXPERIENCES!!! LOL!! Love that place…was there this evening!!

7. My wonderful and most awesome-ist husband…who is have a blast right now..maple sugaring!!

8. My sister in law, Kim and her hubby and 4 kiddos who are moving back in MAY..FINALLY!!

9. 4H, I was the helper in Camye’s bread making class today and I learned so much from the teacher who has homeschooled her 12 kids and helps her husband who is a chiropracter, teach healthy living classes.

10. My kids…who are just wonderful!!! Chloe for working so hard on her 12 page research paper, and her 3rd speech in 2 weeks, Blake for reading all his Literature and Chemistry and everything ready to turn in tomorrow, Camye for having her 2nd speech ready for Speech class, reading Golden Cowries and Little House on the Prairie at the same time and Paul for being just so fabulous..and not to brag…but he is doing Singapore 1st grade Math.

Thanksgiving Thursday!!

Its been awhile since I have done a Thanksgiving Thursday. SInce I got my Iphone…the internet is so much faster than my laptop with dial up!!!:( Althought i prefer to be on a bigger computer.

1. I am so thankful that we are done homeschooling for the year. I love the summer. I try to not plan very many things (although life has a fabulous way of doing that for me) so the kids can just be kids and play.
2. I am so thankful for having a such a wonderful husband and kids, who gave me a fabulous Mothers Day/Birthday weekend.
3. I am thankful for being in bible class. I had been teaching puppets on Wednesday nights and every other Sunday night. So I was missing 2 bible studies. Let me tell you that I am now in Sunday morning ladies class, Sunday night bible study, Tuesday morning bible study and Wednesday night ladies bible class. Let me tell you that I can soooo tell the difference. It is a fabulous difference!!!
4. I am thankful for not having to work. I have several friends that have to work and several that work and still homeschool. Housekeeping and Homeschooling are the only 2 jobs I could handle at this time.
Have a great week!:)

Thanksgiving Thursday

I have to say that Thursdays ….do sneak up on me.

I really do enjoy doing this, as it makes me stop to think of the simple things in life that make me so thankful!!

I am thankful for:
1. My sister in law and kids having a safe trip back to Okinawa..may she arrive safely.
2. Our coal burner–doesnt make me sneeze like a wood burner and its cleaner!!
3. Scrapbooks that are almost done
4. 2 puppet teams that are coming together nicely.
5. My great friend Lori, that met me for lunch at Panera yesterday(no kids). A nice break..for both of us from kids. Together we have 9 kids!!!
6. Dieting–lost 3 pounds!!!
7. KLOVE…I cant believe the difference it makes in attitude in me and the kids when all we listen to his christian radio.
8. a cruise which may be in my near future
9. Warmer weather…believe it or not. It has been in the 40’s!!! that is really warm here for January!!
10.Our great preacher who is going to start taking Chloe visiting with him during that day. What a great experience for her!!

I may start a Wednesday Wishlist…is that bad!!!????

Here is my current list:
1. More hours in a day

Thanksgiving Thursday!!!!

I am trying to get back in the swing of things here on my blog…

Here is my top ten:

1. I am thankful we have a had a great week home schooling. This week has gone very smoothly and we have covered every subject every day!

2. I am thankful for my hubby who is installing a new larger furnace in our basement….cant wait for warmer floors. He is soo awesome!

3. I am thankful for warmer weather…its in the 40’s for next several day!!WOOWOO!!

4. I am thankful for my mom who is coming to see us tomorrow!

5. I am thankful for how wonderful my life is , after watching the Haiti footage, really reminds me of all our blessings.

6. I am thankful for cookbooks.

7. I am thankful for Amish Romance Fiction..that keeps me reading till 2am. Get ready Mamaw..I have 3 new ones for you!!

8. I am thankful for a very resourceful husband.

9. I am thankful for kids who are excited to learn about Gods word. They are cramming for the Bible Bowl and are reading Hebrews every morning and every night.

10. I am thankful for lists. I make lists all the time.I know that may be a little OCD….and I am sure I got that from my dad who is always making lists as well.

Praying for:
Several people needs transplants at our congregation.
My dad who is having surgery today.
All the Haitian people.

Thanksgiving Thursday

I thought I would do this. I am feeling sooo thankful!!!

I am thankful for:

1. Camye’s classical ballet class is starting this evening….I get to shop at quilt store while she is there!

2. Soccer being over!!! Except for the end of the season picnic on Monday…!! We are done!! Next year though I will have one on Middle School and the High School team!!!

3. Camye’s L2L speech is finished…now if she can just read it in a timely manner, now onto the other 2 kids speeches.

4. My wonderful husband….who does whatever he can to make my life easier.

5. Blake’s easy going personality.

6. Paul’s sweetness in asking me to make him a backpack…(blog coming soon)

7. Chloe’s independence and helpfulness

8. Christmas shopping…that is started. Not as far along as I usually am but I have started!! I hope to have the time to make a few gifts.

9. that I am able to Christmas shop. So many are with jobs. We are doing several service projects this year and picking an angel off of a tree to buy for.

10. our wonderful Lord and Savior.

Thanksgiving Thursday

Busy Busy….wish I could just push a button and be rested. Sleeping takes too much time. I feel like my feet literally hit the floor in morning…in a full speed run. But I am loving it..

1. I am thankful for me and my hubby taking the time to go on a date tonight.:)
2. I am thankful for Wednesday night Bible study….Ezra, Nehamiah and Esther..have been much more interesting than I expected.
3. I am thankful I blogged 5 times today!!!!
4. I am thankful for high speed internet on my phone!!!!!
5. I am thankful for ebay….finding the odd and ends.
6. I am thankful for the short visit I was able to squeeze in on Saturday to visit my parents and grandparents.
7. I am thankful for cooler weather!!!!!
8. I am thankful for great friends.
9. I am thankful for our outlet mall’s awesome clearance!! Cant bea 1.99 specials!!!
10. I am thankful for Starbucks!!!