Thanksgiving Thursday!!

Thanksgiving Thursday!!! Its been a long time since I have done this….

I am so thankful for…

1. HIGH SPEED INTERNET- Who would have thought that living in ‘my’ kind of country..3 miles from the mall, 3 miles from interstate and 10 minutes from Walmart..that we just now are able to get high speed internet!! Praise God!! I know I I should blog more. Ha…its still takes time..and I am busy busy busy!!!

2. We have been reviewing a precious baby girl’s file since Tuesday…DETAILS TO COME. Since I know most of you are checking back daily…you know who you are.;) I will say this..she laughs and laughs and laughs..her videos are adorable!!!

3. All the orders I have recieved for my dresses!!

4. My great friend Tonya who reviewed all the medical results with me on Wednesday morning…even thought she was sick.

5. My mom..who is without a doubt the most loving and giving person I have ever known…she cares for so many people….:) If I can only be half the mom she is…:)

6. Outlet mall!!!! I LOVE MY TANGER SHOPPING EXPERIENCES!!! LOL!! Love that place…was there this evening!!

7. My wonderful and most awesome-ist husband…who is have a blast right now..maple sugaring!!

8. My sister in law, Kim and her hubby and 4 kiddos who are moving back in MAY..FINALLY!!

9. 4H, I was the helper in Camye’s bread making class today and I learned so much from the teacher who has homeschooled her 12 kids and helps her husband who is a chiropracter, teach healthy living classes.

10. My kids…who are just wonderful!!! Chloe for working so hard on her 12 page research paper, and her 3rd speech in 2 weeks, Blake for reading all his Literature and Chemistry and everything ready to turn in tomorrow, Camye for having her 2nd speech ready for Speech class, reading Golden Cowries and Little House on the Prairie at the same time and Paul for being just so fabulous..and not to brag…but he is doing Singapore 1st grade Math.

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