Thanksgiving Thursday!!

1. I am so thankful for the this little eye. It just steals my Seoul…;) (Okay I removed if you saw her eye…it was up for only a short time. I wasnt sure if I wanted to share just yet.:) Sorry maybe next week or in the next few months I can share her videos. She is absolutley ADORABLE!!!!!

2. I love my co-op! We had our annual planning meeting this week and I am excited for next year. I am teaching Creation Science to 4th-5th graders and 7th-8th graders. I am also teaching Animal Science to K-1st grades!! We even arranged our classes to allow growth instead of having such a long waiting list. Now we can have even if over 50 families isnt large enough.:)
3. I love picking out baby names again!!! Any ideas?
4. I am so thankful for starting a new bible study..studying the book of Jonah on Wednesday night.
5. I am so thankful for FAMILY!!!
6. I am thankful for Chloe having such awesome friends..even if they want to get together ALL THE TIME!! They are all such great friends!!!
7. I am thankful for my new friends that are on the same Korean timeline as I am.
8. I am thankful I have lost a total of 16 pounds this week. My goal is to not be the fatest person in Korea when I go over there…:):):)
9. I am thankful for Little Blessings Dressings Resale that I am volunteering at next week!
10. I am thankful the wonderful and blessed life that I live!!!!!

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