Thanksgiving Thursday

Busy Busy….wish I could just push a button and be rested. Sleeping takes too much time. I feel like my feet literally hit the floor in morning…in a full speed run. But I am loving it..

1. I am thankful for me and my hubby taking the time to go on a date tonight.:)
2. I am thankful for Wednesday night Bible study….Ezra, Nehamiah and Esther..have been much more interesting than I expected.
3. I am thankful I blogged 5 times today!!!!
4. I am thankful for high speed internet on my phone!!!!!
5. I am thankful for ebay….finding the odd and ends.
6. I am thankful for the short visit I was able to squeeze in on Saturday to visit my parents and grandparents.
7. I am thankful for cooler weather!!!!!
8. I am thankful for great friends.
9. I am thankful for our outlet mall’s awesome clearance!! Cant bea 1.99 specials!!!
10. I am thankful for Starbucks!!!

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