Thanksgiving Thursday!!

WOW!! How 7 days can make a difference in my life!!??

7 days ago….we recieved a precious blessing straight from God. I dont feel that I deserve to be this blessed.

I am so thankful for God giving us the oppurtunity, debt free to adopt the most adorable little girl. She is such a joy! Never in my life could I have expected things to go as smoothly as they have. She is so loving. She is always kissing or tickling someone. Her sibilings adore her!! We adore her.

I am thankful for:
~Her kisses
~Her hugs
~Her laughter
~Her sleeping;)
~that she is Miss Personality
~her teeny tinyness
~how she loves toys
~her attachment
~how wonderfully she has bonded with everyone

I am so thankful for this exceptional blessing. Thanks for everyone for following and praying for our journey! I really have felt the prayers, there is no way this would have gone so smoothly without them.

4 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Thursday!!

  1. I am SO SO SO happy for you and your family! I look to you for encouragement because you seem to be a rock of faith. Wonderful news!!

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