Thanksgiving Thursday

I thought I would do this. I am feeling sooo thankful!!!

I am thankful for:

1. Camye’s classical ballet class is starting this evening….I get to shop at quilt store while she is there!

2. Soccer being over!!! Except for the end of the season picnic on Monday…!! We are done!! Next year though I will have one on Middle School and the High School team!!!

3. Camye’s L2L speech is finished…now if she can just read it in a timely manner, now onto the other 2 kids speeches.

4. My wonderful husband….who does whatever he can to make my life easier.

5. Blake’s easy going personality.

6. Paul’s sweetness in asking me to make him a backpack…(blog coming soon)

7. Chloe’s independence and helpfulness

8. Christmas shopping…that is started. Not as far along as I usually am but I have started!! I hope to have the time to make a few gifts.

9. that I am able to Christmas shop. So many are with jobs. We are doing several service projects this year and picking an angel off of a tree to buy for.

10. our wonderful Lord and Savior.

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