Thanksgiving Thursday

I have to say that Thursdays ….do sneak up on me.

I really do enjoy doing this, as it makes me stop to think of the simple things in life that make me so thankful!!

I am thankful for:
1. My sister in law and kids having a safe trip back to Okinawa..may she arrive safely.
2. Our coal burner–doesnt make me sneeze like a wood burner and its cleaner!!
3. Scrapbooks that are almost done
4. 2 puppet teams that are coming together nicely.
5. My great friend Lori, that met me for lunch at Panera yesterday(no kids). A nice break..for both of us from kids. Together we have 9 kids!!!
6. Dieting–lost 3 pounds!!!
7. KLOVE…I cant believe the difference it makes in attitude in me and the kids when all we listen to his christian radio.
8. a cruise which may be in my near future
9. Warmer weather…believe it or not. It has been in the 40’s!!! that is really warm here for January!!
10.Our great preacher who is going to start taking Chloe visiting with him during that day. What a great experience for her!!

I may start a Wednesday Wishlist…is that bad!!!????

Here is my current list:
1. More hours in a day

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