Sewing along….

Today is day 5 of being in the house SICK, so far I have sewn 3 purses, started a quilt purse (picture to come..not finished yet), planned another quilt, planned all my christmas shopping, listed things on ebay for extra Christmas spending money, read 4 books, helped the girls crochet scarves for Christmas gifts, taught Camye to applique (interesting since I dont even know how myself..LOL), reorganized my sewing room, watched 10 seasons of Little House and the Prairie and mastered Super Mario Brothers for 200th time.

Anyway…here are 3 bags I just finished. I thought they were pretty cute. The pink and black is actually a ballet bag ( cute pink ballet slipper fabric )for Camye, the americana purse is for my mom for Christmas, and the teal and green one..I think I will carry!!! My mom doesnt get on my blog unless I walk her through it so she is banned until after Thanksgiving (when we are celebrating Christmas with my family) from my blog. I also am going to make her an americana table runner.

Paul’s First Quilting Request

It seems the older my kids get the less they ask me to sew things for them. So when one of them ask me to sew something for them, on them, for their friend, for their class ..whatever it may be!! I jump on it!!! I am working on a quilt for Chloe right now and Camye’s new ballet bag. But Paul had never made a request yet….well he finally did and asked me to make a backpack!!! Of course, I think a backpack!!!!!!!!! What?????

Well I found this adorable backpack pattern and this was it. I let him pick out the colors for his pocket. I did do some simple quilting on the bag and the pocket!!??? That counts right:)

He kept having me take all sorts of pictures of him with his new backpack. He loves it!! He filled it right up with all sorts of things….even a dog bone, which is co-op preschool teacher showed promptly after arriving.:)

Camp: Sewing Class

Yes I have blogged about 5 times today..just trying to get it all in.

This was the first year I was the head sewing teacher. I was a bit nervous, but things came together perfectly. This year we made pajama bottoms and Kool-Aid Jammer purses. I had 3 classes but only got pictures of 2 of them. The girls were sweet and we are already planning our next year projects and the advanced sewing class that is definetly in order and maybe even a quilt class for free time.

Many people have no idea what I am talking about when I kool-aid jammer I took several pics.




Our baby girl is 13!!!

On Saturday, July 11th…Chloe turned 13!!! I can hardly believe it has been 13 years. I am so proud of her. I told her she could have a slumber party with all her friends or a fun family day. She chose the fun family day, we started it with pedicures for her, Camye, Gran and myself. Then we all went to dinner at the Olive Garden, followed by presents and her “requested” cookie cake and then to see the movie “Up”!! Which is really cute:)

Chloe has been wanting a sewing machine for sometime. I found this awesome computerized sewing machine and couldnt pass it up. She was surprised!! She left for camp on Sunday and I wanted to piece together a quilt for her this week. Well…my machine went into the shop so I had to try her machine. It is awesome!!! I like it almost as much as I like mine!!! Well maybe not that much…:):) But it works great!!!

I think Chloe is simply beautiful. I am so happy that God blessed us with her. She has given us such joy in her little 13 years of life. I couldnt be prouder of her.

Sew Much Fun: Spiderman Cape

I havent been able to blog as often as I would like, it seems the speed of summer is sweeping me away. This week is VBS, Kenny and I are in charge of Farmyard Fun and my advanced puppeteers are performing every night. I am not sure why I ever signed up for Puppets, I am a nervous wreck. Kenny’s parents are coming today, we are sooo excited!!! They havent been here in 3 years so we want everything perfect, so lot of unfinished projects getting finished. My grandmother is in the hospital not doing well, so please say a prayer for her. I am so thankful for living closer to my family to be here when needed. is a pic of my latest creation!! Paul found my 15 yards of spiderman material. I bought it probably 8 years ago for a $1 a yard..not sure what I would ever do with it. Paul decided a cape would be a good start!!!

Sew Much Fun

My sewing machine has been broken for 2 years. I teach a sewing class at a christian camp each summer. I let the little girls sew on it 2 years ago, and after they were done it would only sew backwards. I love my sewing machine SEW much that I was nervous to just let anyone touch it. It is computerized and it just made me nervous!! So today I got the machines out and cleaned and oiled them myself !!!!! AND guess what..I fixed it!!
The girls were we got out the sewing books and started planning. We also pulled out all my fabric and MAN OH I have a stash????!!!!!
So we started with this book…the girls chose to make little drawstring bags.¬†

Camye looking adorable…
Chloe was extremely proud of her sewing skills…even after 2 years.
Here they are!!!! Camye was made slightly larger to hold her ballet slippers and Chloe was made to the size the pattern called for to hold her Bath & Body Works.

Stay tuned….Sewing can be very addicting!! And we have several projects planned!:)