Our baby girl is 13!!!

On Saturday, July 11th…Chloe turned 13!!! I can hardly believe it has been 13 years. I am so proud of her. I told her she could have a slumber party with all her friends or a fun family day. She chose the fun family day, we started it with pedicures for her, Camye, Gran and myself. Then we all went to dinner at the Olive Garden, followed by presents and her “requested” cookie cake and then to see the movie “Up”!! Which is really cute:)

Chloe has been wanting a sewing machine for sometime. I found this awesome computerized sewing machine and couldnt pass it up. She was surprised!! She left for camp on Sunday and I wanted to piece together a quilt for her this week. Well…my machine went into the shop so I had to try her machine. It is awesome!!! I like it almost as much as I like mine!!! Well maybe not that much…:):) But it works great!!!

I think Chloe is simply beautiful. I am so happy that God blessed us with her. She has given us such joy in her little 13 years of life. I couldnt be prouder of her.

5 thoughts on “Our baby girl is 13!!!

  1. Happy Birthday Chloe! My first "baby" will turn 13 this November and she too loves sewing. We have two machines that we got good deals on. The DH has the one he likes to use and then my daughter and I have one we like to use, however since I don't get much time to sew it really is my daughter's machine. Chloe shares a birthday with my third child (son) who turned 9 on the 11th.

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