~Trip Around the World~

Here is a quilt I just finished today, it is called “Trip Around the World”. I used the Eleanor Burns Quilt in a day pattern for it. Of course, my quilt was not finished in a day…more like 2 weeks. I have made a Trip Around the World baby quilt in a day but this is a full size quilt for my guest room/sewing room/computer room. I wanted something bright and bold. I do feel slightly selfish making something for me with holidays quickly approaching, but I couldnt wait!!

Now the hard part..borders. I hadnt really even given it a second thought when I started because I knew what I wanted the bold colors to be.

I am going to the Amish Quilt Shop Hop in Holmes County on Thursday…hopefully I will get some little Amish lady to point the perfect fabrics for my borders.

Paul’s First Quilting Request

It seems the older my kids get the less they ask me to sew things for them. So when one of them ask me to sew something for them, on them, for their friend, for their class ..whatever it may be!! I jump on it!!! I am working on a quilt for Chloe right now and Camye’s new ballet bag. But Paul had never made a request yet….well he finally did and asked me to make a backpack!!! Of course, I think a backpack!!!!!!!!! What?????

Well I found this adorable backpack pattern and this was it. I let him pick out the colors for his pocket. I did do some simple quilting on the bag and the pocket!!??? That counts right:)

He kept having me take all sorts of pictures of him with his new backpack. He loves it!! He filled it right up with all sorts of things….even a dog bone, which is co-op preschool teacher showed promptly after arriving.:)

Mystery Quilt: The Stoplight Quilt

I am taking a quilt class with a group of women from our congregation. The teacher chose a Mystery Quilt called The Stoplight Quilt for us to do. This was a little challenging for me to pick the fabrics not knowing at all what it looked like. So I went a little on the plain side but I thought these 4 colors would look great for a nice Autumn quilt.

This is Part 1, 2 and 3. These are the 2 pieces (64 of each) I had to have completed by the 8th of August, mine are complete. But I am a little nervous. I have never done triangles before or things with a rounded side. But I guess we will see how did I on Saturday and get Part 4.